“Create A Life That Feels Good On The Inside”

7 Mar


I can’t find the source of this quote but how true. This can be applied to lots of aspects of life. It’s easy to try and mask over cracks by surrounding ourselves in material effects, shinny pretty things that are there to disguise, hide behind clothes and make up, all because its what we see ‘the happy’ people doing so we follow the crowd. But really we know things are wrong.
“Keeping up with the Jones” entered a whole new level with the social pressures of media such as Facebook and Twitter, no longer was it just the neighbours but everyone you have met over the past 20years too.
It’s so sad to see this in people even close friends on a daily bases updating their profiles hourly “look at me!” And I have a certain friend that you don’t hear from, then you know they are planning something so that they can then say “oh didn’t I tell you” or put it all over Facebook in an oh we just did this way, the reason I’ve figured this friend does this is so they have something ‘BIG’ to tell people, because actually the saying above is very true to their life with out divulging and airing there linen. Over the years though I have learnt to accept this person and feel sorry for them and their highly critical jealous views on others and in doing this have found this friendship much easier. Why friends you ask ~ well why leave someone who needs help & friendship no matter what. I’m not all Peaches & Cream.
As for my comments on Facebook this is not to say I don’t have Facebook or like it. I just believe in doing things for the right reason and motives. Because you truly are happy and want to share it or you have worked darn hard to get where you are.

I’m happy to say though ~ my life feels very good and I’m thankful for that.
Now to make it look more aesthetically polished haha …

Cladophora aegagropila!!
I have found some of the little fellas in the UK, it seems they are popular with aquarium lovers. It wasn’t as complicated as I thought, they are even on Amazon. But now I’m confused to whether or not they need complicated living environments. Some say yes others say just correct lighting levels.
Maybe I will just buy a couple and see how they go.


On the subject of fishie wishies, I like aquariums. We have had a few gold fish over the years but I do quiet fancy a proper aquarium and a little while back now I did look into it, our main issue is curious fishing kittens! “Oh look they got us another toy”, Mr S isn’t convinced.
But while I was looking I found this really gifted and artistic Portuguese gentleman Filipe Oliveira


Who designed this tank. I think this is great and very ‘zen’.
Apart from troublesome kittens my only other problem is the amount of work that goes into the up keep of fish on top of all the other animals. Perhaps one for after the house is done.

On another note today is World Book Day such a fantastic day!
Mr S will tell you all about my love of books and his horror at how many we have. I only keep reference books, ‘reading books’ I tend to pass on as they amount quickly and we just don’t have the space. There is an amazing hospice shop where my parents live and it’s dedicated to books – Ive managed to pick up the whole collection of Kathy Reichs books there for no more than a £1 a book then when I’m done back they go – Bargain! Cheaper than the library fine when I run late on returning them and than any new book store, they are all like new anyway.
Mr S’s issue is he thinks I just buy books for the bookshelf to look at! As they remain mint. The thing is I have been brought up to remove dust covers of hard backs when reading and to touch things with care – this way everything remains nice. A shameful confession I have though is I am not so careful with paperbacks and ‘readers’ as they can live in a bag, get treated to a bath or like the other night a whole cup of tea curtesy of The Princess, I feel bad for their treatment but its all about loving them.


My little celebration of World Book Day is to treat myself to 4 New Books from my Amazon wish list. 2 from my craft list and 1 from my pretty books list and 1 education style book I guess I would call it.

The crafty books are pottery books.
“Techniques Using Slips – Ceramics Handbook By John Mathieson and “The Complete Potter: The Complete Reference to Tools, Materials and Techniques for All Potters and Ceramicists” By Mattison Steven.

And then the 2 other books are on a similar topic to each other Greek Mythology. Over Christmas I realised how shoddy my knowledge is on this topic thus I wanted to brush up. These books have been on my wish list since then.
The pretty one with cloth bound cover is one of the penguin hard back classics “Tales of the Greek Heroes” By Roger Green and the more in depth version is “Treasury of Greek Mythology: Classic Stories of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Monsters”By Donna Napoli.

And to finish off tonight I will read either of the 2 books I have on the go at the moment.

Ian Rankin: Standing in Another Man’s Grave in true old school hardback for a true old school police officer John Rebus … Oh how I missed you Rebus. I Pre-ordered this and it’s remained a little neglected though I think psychologically I don’t want to get to the end incase it really is all over this time for Rankin & Rebus.



Handbags & Poo Bags~Tales of a Soho Boxer By Alice Wright on the Kindle App. Boxer dog owners need I say anymore. I had to download it when I saw it.


On a personal note of finding something good in everyday we appear to now all be ill, 1 week today for me! But I do seem to be getting my voice back. I however have soldiered on and done chores and washing again today ~ go me!

I think a long hot bath to go with that reading is in order tonight.



2 Responses to ““Create A Life That Feels Good On The Inside””

  1. bestofcrochet Sun 18 March 2013 at 10:46 am #

    I love the picture of the underwater garden. If only I had the patience to arrange something like this for my home..

    • Serotiny Sun 18 March 2013 at 11:31 am #

      I know my sentiments exactly. This must have taken him ages to produce and lots of up keep. Very envious of his skills.
      Enjoy your Sunday

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