Window Shopping Wednesday 2

13 Mar


GPO Retro & Nostalgic Telephones


So I am starting to think about the hallway and its a blank canvas ~ fantastic hey!
My inspiration at the moment is a retro 1930’s deco feel.
Now I said inspiration. The phone above is 1970’s I just like these retro phones, but I’m not sure I could be bothered with the faff of a 1930’s style phone. I did find this on the same website.


A bit marmite’esk love or hate – I don’t think I could have one though as we don’t have a butler to answer it and I’d have to put on a terribly posh English squeak of an accent to speak to anybody… But that’s just me.

By 1930s inspired I mean gold hues introduced with some mono chrome. It’s looking better in my head than it sounds on here at the moment. Watch this space anyway.


LIV Furniture & Things


Depending on the shelf type I settle on (I’m swaying towards Ikea Expedit) I thought these might look nice with a few colourful ‘things’ filling them on it and the small one perhaps resting on the window ledge.

Retro Villa


These display shelves seem to be all the rage at the moment. I would like a little one in the craft room and to make it myself.

Cox & Cox

I LOVE this wooden wall panel what more can I say.


Obviously in the craft room I need to think about storage and Im trying to find original storage ideas.
I think the use of wire storage isn’t to heavy on the eye and to filling for the room, solving the problem of making it look over crowded with solid storage boxes.


This Hooked Wall Rack could be good to hang all sorts of useful things on and for displaying fabric swatches or thing-a-me-bobs.



LIV Furniture & Things



I am just getting into journalling and I very much like these Destination and Number & Alphabet stickers.


LIV Furniture & Things

Now after saying about to much contrived stuff in the house yardayarda in yesterdays post.I might have to squeeze these into the kitchen in a glass fruit bowl.


I’m not one for fake. But recently my love of flowers and my money saving attempts caused me to buy some fake blooms and now I’ve spotted these Apples I could be a convert. As long as they are quality pieces (no obvious glued bits and unfinished plastic edge glaring at me) then I can appreciate them for a good imitation when the real thing is absent.
The only problem with the Internet is the photo looks great I wonder what the real thing will be like.

Fake again! But I think these Artichokes (quality dependent) would make nice table decorations for a summery dinner party. Greens and white crisp table linen and reusable.



Cox & Cox

Holding on to the sunshine, the thought of summer days and doing the garden this spring. My 2 Garden wants from last year were a comfy garden chair and a fire pit and today when browsing on Cox & Cox what should I spy!

This double deck chair room for us and the dog!


And this fire pit I like the bronze colour and the shape.


Time for a cup of tea virtual window shopping is thirsty work.


Ps. I’ve no idea why the end part of this post is all in bold, I checked the text and deleted it and wrote it again as it annoyed me but WordPress just seem to want to highlight how brilliant the Deck Chair and Fire Pit are!


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