Well Hello There, Long Time No See!

28 Mar

The last week and a bit vanished before my eyes and all hopes of blogging disappeared as I made a concerted effort to be ready for our Nice trip on Thursday. (Not our usual packing and cleaning and doing everything at 3am still)

It started with more spring cleaning and tidying. The Bunnies went for their Easter health check at the vets, Parrot cat had to join them as he had cut the pad on his paw~ antibiotics for him. That was an interesting afternoon 2 rabbits, 1 Cat and a huge Dog all with little old me it made the ladies at the vets laugh!

Parrot Cat asleep after his visit to the vets.


And the weather was all a bit grey again … I kept watching my bulbs hoping the sunshine and showers would spur them on. (“A watched pot and all that”)





And I am still waiting with the snow flurries for the flowers Im beginning to think they might possible not arrive.

Tuesday was an early start dropping Mr S at the station at *yawn* o’clock, even the dog was tired he slept all the way home.


Later in the day I partook in some pampering, having my nails done and meeting L for a coffee and catch up.
We also did some craft, birthday present and pet supplies shopping. One of the shops we ventured into was Dunelm Mill for some oddments; L has made some lovely knitted cushion covers lately and needed the actually cushion fillings (sometimes when she is not busy she shares her creations on her blog My So Called Life , she recently changed blogs so its a little sparse at the moment and she’s more into her Twitter and Instagram these days). (I would show you some of her lovelies but but Instagram won’t let me)
While in Dunelm we had some great inspiration for some makes … I spotted this cute appliqué and embroidery cushion to add to my very long to do crafty list.


I’m thinking I could do one and personalise it to our home.

Wednesday I popped to the see the in-laws and started to finish up the last bits for our trip to Nice on Thursday.
I had our dinner ready ~Sophie Dahls Cottage Pie with a change in topping to use up what vegetables were about; we had sweet potato and cauliflower cheesy mash on top.


At 8.30pm Wednesday I was chuffed at my progress, by 10pm I had dissolved on the floor in a fit of “IM SOOOO TIRED I CAN’T GO ON” tears, what I thought was so nearly there oh so wasn’t!
Anyway at midnight I climbed into bed glad I had made the effort to not leave it till the morning to finish.


All back on course come Thursday morning. (well maybe Mr S was getting a little bit panicked about the time I spent in the bathroom getting ready – I swear I was hurrying and I was on time)

Mr S decided to take the Dog to Doggie Day Care while I was getting ready. I said my good byes to my little boy and told him Grandma & Grandad would look after him, we would be back I promised. To non pet owners I know how stupid this sounds, but our boy is a not long rescue dog who had a few homes before we took him on – we are his forever home. This constant rehoming has affected his separation anxiety, so I like to make him feel loved – even if it is just for my benefit he can’t feed off my anxiety of leaving him then.

Anyway TRA La la
Mr S comes in the car battery is dead !!
There was lots of oh no’s and Mr S’s parents made it too us in super quick time to jump start the car – and we thankfully made our flight to Nice.


I intend to write a Nice post as I have a few photos unfortunately having no camera just my phone it was a bit difficult as I needed my battery to stay in contact with Mr S who was working and phone quality pictures are never that wonderful.
But I have the memories and gorgeous images in my head. We might also get to go back very soon!

Thursday – Monday we spent in Nice me sight seeing and Mr S working (yes even the weekend poor Mr S – once again I will acknowledge how hard he works)


Monday our late evening flight was delayed …. Returning home was a shock the weather in Nice though not brilliant sunshine had been 14-17’c so quite a difference to the -2 we returned to with a snow covered car.

Mr S went straight to bed I caught up with my father before bed.
Apparently they had an eventful weekend with a trip to the vets with the dog and then the poorly mutt’s behaviour varied. His a BIG muscly dog and his a lot to walk even when his good but he had played Dad up on his walks which is tiring.
Otherwise all was fine. Both sets of parents had afternoon tea together Saturday which was nice to hear.

Tuesday my father and I continued our catch up with coffee and breakfast (poor Mr S was off to work again) and had a lovely walk over the heath with the dog; who was hilarious. I said to my father let me hold him I swear his pushing you to see what he can get away with and he was! Naughty puppy !
When Dad left, exhausted I fell asleep until Mr S got in.
Then more drama!

I checked my Internet banking and went into panic mode! Over my over draft what!
Mr S and I are so careful knowing where all our pennies are, we are living tightly at the moment, I have been squirrelling away for decorating the house etc and Mr S deals with bills ~ I digress ~
I looked more careful and see WONGA I said what’s this ?? I wondered if a company I have been purchasing from name had changed or something.. All the charges one after another between £30-£60
Mr S looks, he googles, its a scam! My bank details stolen! It’s even made news in The Guardian news paper (not my personal case but others like me)
Straight on the phone to the bank. I’m so annoyed and feel invaded – I’m panicked if it was just my card or identity fraud – what do I do ?? The bank have been very helpful but I’m now card less and left wondering where my number got taken as I only use the card for a few regular stores and online known companies. So do I risk using my card to shop at these companies again.. I mean companies like Amazon should be secure, Right?
I guess I just have to take a risk again.
But now I’m left investigating if this was just card fraud or identity! Im praying not identity I’m so careful shredding everything etc. What more can you do against these Parasitic Criminals.

Wednesday I fully intended to blog and catch up with the virtual world but I needed sleep and rest more it appears.

Which brings us to today … The remains of a trip away empty suitcases, oddments needing to be put away and washing!


I’m slightly exhausted still so I have done the chores and more washing, I was quiet good Tuesday putting bits away. But I spent most of the day today catching up and enjoying the lovely blogs of others with copious amounts of tea.

I’m looking forward to this coming long weekend as Mr S & I will get the chance to be together for 4 days.



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