Nice in NICE Part 1

1 Apr

Thursday – Friday

So after our little car fopar. We got to the airport in time for our flight ~ miracles of miracles.
All in all it was a pretty simple trip including picking up the hirer car and finding the hotel.

Our hotel; Hotel de la Fontaine, was basic but pleasant and the staff were all very helpful.
Situated in the New Town just off the Promenade des Anglais it was ideal situated really for Mr S going off in the mornings and me going sight seeing.


(Photo accredited to Trip Advisor: in our view the room was adequate in size it’s just normal European size, very purple, shower was excellent, staff lovely very helpful. Personally I would compare it to a Holiday Inn in room style other wise it’s a small local hotel /BB).

We arrived at 3ish and got settled, had a bite to eat in the warm sunshine so missed in the UK at the moment.

And had a stroll before dinner it was lovely to walk without being wrapped up in a hundred layers.


Friday Mr S went off early and I armed with my guide books planned my day. The weather was beautiful again, reaching 17’c.


I walked around all day until my feet were hurting.

Firstly I visited the Cours Saleya beautiful flower, fruit and vegetables Markets.




Every flower you can imagine and plentiful supplies of Mimosa the flower of Nice.




These markets are unmissable I must have had a wide eyed look of amazement as I walked around.
The colours and smells were fantastic and evoked so many happy senses.


I then went on to the fish market – I love fish! Such an amazing selection and where there was the hugest Herring Gulls I’ve ever seen! (And I grew up on the coast)



I wandered through the small shader old town hustle bustle.


More wonderment at the … Olive shops … Patisseries … Spice and herb shops…


This little store had spices, herbs, flavoured sugars more than you can imagine! And salt how many types of salt!?



From here I went onto the Colline du Chateau park, which centuries before was a medieval city.
90 steps up (or take the lift) is a peaceful park, I regretted not buying food at the market and taking it with me at this point.



Up here are amazing views over the old city and along the coast and on the other side over the Vieux Port.


I was getting hungry so thought about heading back to the market for lunch. I took a different way back passing the cemetery’s and the peaceful back streets, romantic tall buildings with shuttered windows and little gates leading into secret gardens.



I wandered down to Garibaldi Place and along Rue Segurane with shop after shop of Antiques dealers.

By now it was midday; I had read my guide book and I knew at midday a cannon is fired – my goodness I physically jumped and ducked, all very embarrassing good job the streets were empty ~ phew. I must have been standing under the darn thing!
This cannon originates from Sir Thomas Coventry who used it as a signal to ensure his forgetful wife return home to make his lunch.


Walking back towards the old town and market, passing more little shops. I was looking for Maison d’Adam et Eve House one of the oldest buildings in Nice with no luck.


However I did find Place Du Rossetti with the beautiful domed roofed church dedicated to the cities patron saint; Saint Reparate. (When peering from my 90 steps early I wondered what this pretty dome was, you can just make it out in this picture)


and what’s this 4 freezers of ice cream & sorbet
… Fenocchio Famed for 90 flavours of ice cream. This is a hard choice choosing which to have, do you try your favourite? or go for something daring like beer? (yuk I’m not a beer fan), one scoop to take in the flavour or multiple as I’m just greedy. I plumped for a scoop of cinnamon it was delicious.

I sat with my ice cream in the sunny square admiring the church and surrounding romantically aged yellow and orange buildings reading my magazine.
Most things shut in France for lunch 1-2pm and really I should have had a proper lunch but I couldn’t risk not finding the ice cream vendor again could I? so I just had a ice cream stop instead of lunch at this point.


After my sugar stop I continued strolling towards the market. I passed a smaller church which intrigued me. On the outside was a plain dark wood door inside was AMAZING; the church of Eglise Ste-Rita. The light streams in through the domed celling and highlights an exquisite decor in golds and blues. Beautiful baroque reliefs of saints. Crystal chandeliers & candles making it atmospherically peaceful. I didn’t take any pictures, I wasn’t sure I was allowed and etiquette to me says you don’t take pictures in church’s unless advised otherwise. But this is a picture from the churches website and gives you some idea of the ornateness.


2 hours later ~ hence the repetition of the term stroll lots of strolling and stopping to look ~ Lunch.

Yes this is bread not for me, but the salmon and salad was scrummy, how often in the UK does your salad look yellow green or freezer burnt where its been super chilled on its journey not here no sir’y! wonderfully fresh and green here and when in Rome or Nice do as they do a glass of vino with lunch don’t mind if I do. (Try explaining to the French you don’t really drink they look like you have just insulted their entire country- this mistake only made once).
I really can recommend Cafe Des Fleurs Brasserie on the Cours Saleya lovely food, reasonable prices, great service & atmosphere.


Now at this point I needed an afternoon nap, full and sitting very sleepy in the warm sun reading my magazine some more.

But I decided on one more little wander on my way back and what should I stumble upon Maison d’Adam et Eve.

Also in this area (I can’t tell you where I am at this point) Palais Lascaris a 17th century Genoese style mansion belonging to the counts Lascaris-Vintimille until the French Revolution with its renovated baroque interiors made for a pleasant unexpected find.
Unfortunately my phone was now to low to take photographs.

Completely shattered I headed back to the hotel for my snooze….
Before Mr S finished work and we went out for dinner.

… Part 2


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