A Weekend Catch Up

1 May

(I started this post Monday!)

A quick catch up post. This weekend was birthday celebrations for moi.


We had a lovely lazy breakfast together. Then took The Dog to Thetford Forest he loved running around with his stick.



We got up early; for a weekend, packed up a picnic breakfast and flask.
(Not forgetting The Dogs breakfast)


And headed to the Norfolk coast; Holkham. For Sun Rise.


I love the beach between Holkham and Wells. The sand dunes and vast expanse of sand then the crashing waves. I’m not eloquent enough to describe in words what exactly it is about it, but then sometimes in life there aren’t words just feelings.


Look at the lovely rainbow…


Yes lovely what usually happens when a rainbow appears? yes you got it rain, and my goodness just as I took the next picture did it RAIN ! And SLEET !


Very very wet we got back in the car for our picnic breakfast. Warm Sausage and Bacon wraps with tea/coffee.

It would have been nicer to stay longer but being so wet and sandy/muddy (ask the dog why we were sandy/muddy) we thought it best to head home as the weather showed no sign of clearing up.

Once home I opened my presents!! And cards. It’s nice to get presents so often when your older you get money gifts which don’t get me wrong is also nice but a present you unwrap – eeeeeeeeeeeeee – (that is the sound of excitement)

Mr S is taken me/us on a trip to Dublin at the end of May which he arranged as a surprise.
Ireland is a place I’ve wanted to go and never yet made it to, so very excited about this.

Then L & K spoilt me!
Look at these goodies!


Perfectly me all 3!


I’m a late comer to the tv series ‘Miranda’

“complete trash, unfunny why do you watch it, it looks so corny”
I eat my words!

I’ve no idea how I ended up watching a couple but oh my it’s switch off, crafting to, pleasure tv and corny maybe, but my goodness nothing makes me laugh as much. Maybe it’s my age ??

So L & K getting me the box set to catch up made the rest of my birthday afternoon “such fun” (ok maybe a step to far with that)

And a very apt card from L & K too.


I was feeling crafty when we returned so thought I would attempt crocheting a pebble. But I couldn’t find the purple cotton yarn I brought for it anywhere very frustrating, I attempted to invent something using scraps of wool I had but it was to thick and the sewing cotton to thin.


Made a lovely finger hat though. Much to Mr S’s mic taking.


And what pebble doesn’t need a wool hat for the winter.


Miranda on TV, crafty stuff in my hands, Tea by my side and not forgetting Mr S.
We had an enjoyable rest of the day.


Started lovely and we headed off to a local club we are members of for the AGM, the grounds are in a pretty orchard. But by the time we got there the weather was cold and windy. So we didn’t stop long after the meeting finished.

Then I was lucky to have second celebrations with our nieces and the In-laws with afternoon tea.

We had Gluten Free Birthday cake; chocolate with lots of sprinkles apparently “Serotiny LOVES sprinkles” so it had to have lots sprinkles according to the youngest niece.


And more lovely presents.

From Niece’s and their parents. A very handy blender I mentioned I needed and I’ve put to use even since Sunday already and this gorgeous sewn owl made by the girls.


He is now living in our kitchen I adore him!



And from the Parents-in-law…

A new bag for my WIP blanket (I’m to ashamed to show you the shredded plastic bag it current lives in)


Beautiful Debbie Bliss wool and a new handy sewing kit in a very me tin!


A Very Lucky Girl With Presents and With Family.



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