Learning New Crafts

31 Jul

Each week seems to come round so quickly. In fact how on earth did it get to the end of July already?

I have been lucky enough this year to be able to have the time to follow my crafty passions and develop my homemaking skills – this is how I sell sitting enjoying crafting lots.

As part of this I enrolled last year on a pottery course which Ive continued with.


and In June I took part in a crochet granny square class at The Sheep Shop in Cambridge.


One thing I’m not, is a specific crafter- Jack Jill in this case of all trades master of none.
I do it for the fun & social enjoyment as much as the final ‘tadah’ moment (not that there has been much of that round here lately in the way of crochet projects).

Part of this enjoyment is often crafting with others; L, E & Myself have crafty meets here and there, with E we mainly crochet, L & I have been known to try other crafty sessions (note to L we still haven’t made soap and I have your book).

Having enjoyed learning new crafts & developing skills in a class environment, I have found myself booking onto more and more.


If you look around your local area there seems to be lots of classes popping up in lots of crafty make’y do’y things and not just at your local night schools.

I’ve picked the 3 places I currently have booked classes with.
I choose my classes on my interests and what I would like to learn. But it turns out I’ve also meet really lovely people while doing so.

My First was The Sheep Shop in Cambridge.

The Sheep Shop hosts numerous knitting, crochet & felting classes catering for all abilities and interests.

For Example;
Beginners Knitting – Lace Knitting. Beginners Crochet – Cable Crochet.

I’ve thus far had my Granny Squares Crochet class here, with a Fabulous teacher Joanne of Not So Granny and a Beginners Knitting class with Sarah of The Sheep Shop.


I choose to make slightly longer hand warmers for my beginners knitting class which has left me needing just more than my one ball of yarn, so I need to pop back and get another ball when I’m next in town before I can finish them.

Having caught the ‘bug’ I have booked up on several more knitting/crochet courses until Christmas as I really want to hone up on my knitting especially hence going back to real basics.

A Few Extra Points:

* The parking in the evening is much easier than I first thought and worried about for the centre ish of Cambridge and silly permit parking. But after 6 you are fine there.

* Each class was a nice size of 6.

* The ladies teaching us are very good at showing and explaining in a way that you will understand.

* We got handy information print outs that we could make notes on, which I have actually made use of rather than just ‘filing’.

* You can buy the kits you need for the class on the night if your unsure.

My Second class find was Nicola at Halfpenny Home.
To summarise the first time of meeting Nicola; I went in to pay for my class & left an hour plus later after a great chat; which felt like she was an old friend, & over a glass of pimms.


Nicola has the Halfpenny Home Haberdashery shop in Needham Market, Suffolk.

Mr S, Myself & The Dog were AMAZED at the shop.
Needham Market is a quaint Suffolk village. Adding to its mystery follow the signs to Halfpenny Home located down a small path in a ‘barn’, It’s a delightful mixture of the much coveted vintage and the new.

Halfpenny Home Haberdashery offers a variety of crafty classes. From ‘Yarn’ie’ interests such as Knitting, Natural Fibre Dying & Fleece Preparation to Soap Making, Needle Felting & Rag Doll Making to name but a few and if it’s not on the list contact Nicola she might have a course lined up for future.

My first class was “Rocks with Frocks” ~ great title isn’t it!
Crocheting around items such as pebbles.

You may remember my own first attempt at this ended in a hat rather than frock for my pebble.

I had a wonderful relaxed Saturday afternoon with Nicola and 3 others crocheting our pebbles. The time just flew by.
Accompanied by plenty of homemade cake, tea & chatter.

Oh yes and doing what I went there for Tadah…


My next class at Halfpenny Home was Vintage Bag Making.

*AGES* ago I brought a rather pretty vintage looking bag for its frame with the intention of giving it a re-vamp and that was 2 years ago. A few weekends ago I found it once again and was spurred on to find out how – queue Vintage Bag Making.

Once again I had a lovely time, over came some of my sewing machine fears with an always calm Nicola, learnt lots of little sewing tips and have a fantastic bag which is lined and trimmed I will have you know!



Did I mention cake again…Orange Polenta cake with Rosemary Drizzle.


A Few Extra Points:

* Nicola in a previous life work with Fabrics in Upholstery and Furnishings (I hope I’ve got that right). She is an accomplished seamstress so excellent at passing on handy tips & knowledge.

* Halfpenny Home Classes are inclusive of materials. No hidden extras. But if you want to purchase more you can. In fact try and resist visiting Halfpenny Home Haberdashery and not making a purchase.

* There is plenty of Free parking around the shop.

* The Classes I attended came with again useful handouts.

* Classes are very relaxed & friendly making learning much easier.

My 3rd class choice has been Betty Makes . A new growing venture by the delightful Jean-Mary.

You can read all about the classes that have taken place on the Betty Makes Blog .

Jean-Mary’s studio has a light airy feel and has the advantage of being the closest of the 3 to us.

*Ive borrowed this Photo From BettyMakes Blog where you can see the studio in its full glory.

The first class I got to was Lino Printing on Cards One Sunny Sunday.

Arriving late I eventually caught up.
We all spent hours of therapeutic concentrating & chatting carving out our designs in the Lino. Before stopping for a pleasant catered lunch.
After lunch was the telling moment had our Lino Carvings been successful?


As you can see I choose a tea related design need you ask. You can see what the other ladies did over on Betty Makes Blog .

This class was a real enjoyable learning curve and I’ve caught the Lino Printing Bug too now. My prints were a bit rustic looking due to my paint application mainly but actually though unintentional I like it.

I’ve since framed my clearest card which is now proudly on display in the kitchen.


I can’t wait for my next class on Sunday at Betty Makes; Needle Felting with teacher Jenny Tidman (who teaches needle & wet felting at Betty Makes & Halfpenny Home Haberdashery)

I am taking my 14 year old cousin. Who thinks her needle felted critter will top my attempt – we will see – So watch this space for what we produce.

A Few Extra Points:

* There are not only weekday classes at Betty Makes but weekend classes too.

* Betty Makes has a wide selection of classes. For Example Crochet, Sewing & Lino Printing. Take a Look.

* Most Classes include your equipment. You also have the choice of buying certain class kits at a reasonable price to take away with you.

* Jean-Mary is CRB checked, she works with children & is an Integrative Counsellor. Oh & She’s a Mum.
What does this mean… Children’s Craft Party’s!

* Easy close parking.

I know this has been a long post but I wanted to show you all the classes at once. I can’t express how much fun craft classes are if your that way inclined and Great for making new friends.
All 3 also do knitting or craft nights as well so even if you don’t want to do a class you can pop in make new friends and take your latest project.

Do Look These Ladies Up or check out your own local classes.

Happy Crafting



2 Responses to “Learning New Crafts”

  1. Jean-Mary Wed 18 July 2013 at 2:28 pm #

    You are one crafty lady! You’re pottery frog bowl is gorgeous!

    Thank you for taking the time to detail about all us workshop ladies and I have to say, your lino print looks amazing framed! Xx

    • Serotiny Wed 18 July 2013 at 2:38 pm #


      No Thank You for you kind words and loving the classes – Look forward to seeing you Sunday.


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