On the 3rd Day of January

3 Jan

Many who know me know I struggle with the things I enjoy due to my joint issues.
One of the things I get restricted with is my crochet. So many projects I’ve started remain unfinished due to the limitations. I’ve learnt of late start nothing with a hook smaller than 4mm.

Anyway my love does not fain and I still try. So when I saw on Instagram Mummy_Stacey was suggesting a CAL with a square a day reflecting the mood of the day theme, I thought why not I may actually get a blanket finished this year.


If your interested in the idea yourself its not to late nip over and join Mummy _Staceys group on IG or Facebook.

I’ve made some mistakes with blankets in the past choosing wool that has been expensive for a big project or that has been discontinued before I’ve finished etc, so this time I wanted a cheap but natural yarn and limited my colours as I’m not exactly flush after Christmas and we do have the wedding this year.

In short I picked RICO DK Cotton at £2.89 a 50g ball.


My colours represent the following moods:

Dusky Rose – A Good Day Health & Happiness
Rose – Happy
Lilac – Neutral
Mauve – Low
White – The Positive & Pure in Everyday

So that’s it I’ve chosen the 365 day challenge of a square a day and I’m sticking to a 4mm hook and a simple mood of the day centre round and an outer round of White to represent the good in everyday. So that hopefully what ever my joints are doing I should be able to manage.

I have been doing a daily update on IG (Serotiny_Haf) but as of next week will keep it to a weekly update Sunday-Saturday and I will blog and IG post.

Day 1:

My RICO Yarn hadn’t arrived so I used a pink yarn from my stash.

Mauve Pink = Love & Family


Day 2:

RICO Rose = Happy


Day 3:

RICO Dusky Rose = A Good Day Health & Happiness


3 days; 362 to go.




4 Responses to “On the 3rd Day of January”

  1. Sarah Doyle Sun 18 January 2014 at 3:36 pm #

    I love this idea, and am tempted to do one knitted square a week as I can’t crochet but I don’t think I will keep it up once the baby arrives… perhaps a project I might aim to do next year.

    I love the colours you’ve chosen too, nice calming colours x

    • Serotiny Sun 18 January 2014 at 6:19 pm #

      Yes it’s lovely idea but you may not get time! Thinking you may be a little busy 😉 yes one to keep in mind for next year. X

      • Sarah Doyle Mon 18 January 2014 at 10:25 pm #

        I think it might be something to think about for 2015…. I need to get better (and quicker!) at knitting I think x

      • Serotiny Mon 18 January 2014 at 10:56 pm #

        There is a lady on IG suregal27 she knits some amazingly complex squares! You should take a look something to aim for lol x

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