My First Week Detox: I Quit Sugar.

12 May

My Name is Serotiny & I am a Sugar addict.


The main Sugary downfalls in my diet are Baking and Chocolate.
I tend to drink lots of tea (another unhealthy habit though I do drink a variety of teas not just black) and with this have cake, biscuits, chocolate etc. I use sugary foods to boast my energy and my mood.

I consume about 500g plus of Milk Chocolate a day, added to that I could have biscuits and cakes, and that’s all with out the added sugars in my healthy cereal, mayonnaise, even the odd mixer drink etc.

I dread to calculate how much sugar this was in my diet, I just know eating as much as I did was never going to have a good out come at some point in my life.

To look at me you wouldn’t believe I ate all this, which is a regular look I get from people or the one of hate/envy. I remain around a size 6-8 what ever I seem to eat, I have done the whole of my teens & adult life thus far.

But regardless of body shape and size it’s about what’s going on with my inner self, the finer biomechanics of my body.

So here is introducing I Quit Sugar to my life:


Sarah Wilson’s 8 week Detox programme and life style change.

I purchased this and her latest book “I Quit Sugar For Life” from Amazon a few weeks ago.
But I have been waiting for the right week to prepare myself and start it.

This last week was week 1. As Sarah suggests in the book I will be documenting my changes and developments, and I intend to do this in a little note book and by sharing my experience here with you.

I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has tried the “I Quit Sugar” detox and how this has all worked out for them?

Week 1: Monday 12th May 2014


“* Start making food swaps this week For Example instead of Jam on Toast for Breakfast swap to a sugar free alternative such as Avocado on Toast.”

My Weeks meal plan.


So as I said my main area of sugar consumption is chocolate, cakes and biscuits.
I don’t regularly drink added sugar drinks or have sugar in my tea etc.
So my first week I’ve cut out all chocolate, cakes, biscuits & crisps.

I’ve also started to whittle down foods in the cupboard with added sugar or foods such as dried fruits that contain high levels or fructose, my cereal etc. As I really want to stick to the program but I don’t want to waste food either.

It’s amazing how many things have added sugar.
As the week has gone on I’m finding it really hard, I’m doubting my reasons for doing this and have begun the wrong thinking process of “well I will just cut down the amount of chocolate etc I eat rather than do this”.

But despite all this I have kept going. At the same time positively I’ve been eating a proper full Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and have cut down on my black tea consumption.

I will say I’ve noticed a pattern developing in my chocolate/sugar consumption. With the hardest times being after meals. I seem to always crave something after a savoury meal.
So I’ve followed one of Sarah’s book suggestions and have been having Natural Plain Yogurt with Cinnamon. I’d love to tell you this helps but it doesn’t yet, I could still inhale a 250g bar of chocolate. I’ve also tried snacking on nuts which are high in fats and suggested by Sarah again they aren’t really helping.

But onwards to Week 2 …



One Response to “My First Week Detox: I Quit Sugar.”

  1. Meanyjar (@meanyjar) Wed 18 May 2014 at 8:41 am #

    Hi lovely, I did this and am roughly following it again. I felt great when I was on it properly and my energy levels remained constant rather than up and down. I have to say that this book has caused a bit of controversy so I recommend you also read Cooking Without by Barbera Cousins as you can learn a whole lot more about your bio-mechanics and it really opens your eyes to what food does and why. I would be interested in what cereal you found that doesn’t have any sugar in as I couldn’t find any! I just have brown toast and marmite for breakfast! A good tea replacement is red bush/rooibus. A good sweet crave inhibitor is sweet potato chips and I did allow myself the odd squeeze of honey on toast. X

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