GeoCaching #1 & #2

24 Sep

GEOCACHING: Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.
Geocaching according to


I had heard of Geocaching and so had Mr S a long while ago but neither of us had given much attention to it.
Then more and more of my letter writing pals are Geocachers and have expressed what a great hobby it is. This prompted me into asking a few questions and doing my own research.

Mr S liked the sound of it too he had friends over the years that had done computer geeky type Geocaches which appeal to him and we always walk the dog and both enjoy outdoor activities. We agreed this would be a great joint pass time.
So this month while I had some honeymoon reading time I swotted up on the terms and guidelines.

Mr S and I had some discussion as to our caching name; trying to come up with clever names, but in the end have kept it related to us, so we are GEO-HAF.


I set up our Geocaching account with For now we have joined as a basic member but I can see us upgrading soon.

Using the Geocaching App. We headed out for 2 local caches on Wednesday Night.


Our first cache was called #Strapped For Cache.


We found it reasonably quickly, but it was well hidden and we did hunt around for a bit unsure of how hidden the cache would be for its size etc and there are multiply places this cache could be.

Buster was excited to see what we were looking for too.


To a dog I guess a geocache is a cache of smells!



We were very excited! And made our entry and TNLN!
Before replacing the cache, re-camouflaging and moving onto the next.

The next cache was called #Gruffalo’s Foxes Underground House.


This was a little more tricky to look for as the area in general is a well used dog walkers area. Luckily with the dog we didn’t stand out and had a warning system.

We finally found it but didn’t have long as another walker approached. Buster ran off to her & her dogs to distract with Mr S following in toe, while I was still out of sight signing the log and replacing quickly.

We managed a quick photograph.


But LOOK …


This is Nellie and she is a Travel Bug.
We contemplated taking her as we are new to this and don’t want to do anything wrong to spoil people’s fun. Although novices I have read up about travel bugs and we decided if we couldn’t do as the bug required we would replace it. If you don’t try things you don’t learn – Right?

Nellie’s racing another Travel Bug around the UK only and the requirements are you move her only within the UK.
Well tick we can do that!

We unfortunately aren’t able to plan a huge trip for her to add to her miles as we want to pass her on as quickly as possible; I’m not sure if there is a correct time to do so the website says a time period of max 2 weeks and keep the owner updated (If any Geocaches can shed more light or correct me if I’m wrong I would be grateful).

So watch this space in the next few days we will be moving Nellie on!

Once home we very eagerly & proudly logged our caches ! And obviously started looking for our next !

We were amazed & excited we had walked these routes many times before and never had a clue!
I’ve looked at so many areas and thought WOW honestly I never knew and some of the types of caches there are! It’s like being a child again having this level of excitement about something.

Can anyone recommend any Geocaches that have a Halloween Theme in the UK?
I’ve noticed a few appearing on IG but obviously we are still very new at all this. -Thanks.

I have developed an IG profile especially for our Geocaches which is GEO_HAF (Instagram doesn’t allow hyphens so I had to replace it with an underscore) So if your into Caching and are over on IG please add us we would love to share with you.



2 Responses to “GeoCaching #1 & #2”

  1. twoadultsonekidandonedog Fri 18 September 2014 at 3:39 pm #

    Really pleased you’ve starting geocaching, having a dog is a great distraction for muggles. We have a halloween themed series but Southampton is probably too far to travel for a geocache 🙂

    • Serotiny Sun 18 September 2014 at 5:01 am #

      I’m so pleased you all mentioned it. It’s fab.
      I now am looking at all the different types of caches and completing different challenges!
      Do you have any types you want to try?
      It’s more the time to make the trip at the moment than distance-but thank you. Where do you find your caches? On the website?

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