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Happy Wedding Anniversary To Us 

23 Jul

1 year ago this month Mr S & I got married. 


The first year gift for marriage is paper and we received lots of lovely cards to keep to remember the occasion, but my gift to Mr S/Us was something Ive loved for a while and was very fitting … 

A Paper Cut Name and Date Cutting backed on the gold we had at our wedding and with star bunting something we also had at our wedding. 


This talented work was that of Queenie Dot. I can’t recommend this lovely lady enough, she rushed through my order; as I was rather rubbish and had forgotten how close it was getting to our anniversary, the paper cutting was beautiful & she was accommodating with my personalisation requests. 


Mr S was touched with emotion and quite something he even said “oh it’s the colours and theme from our wedding as well” … Which meant a lot to me as he actually really did notice, rather than having just an “aha that’s lovely darling” moment. 

We spent a relaxing quiet Anniversary Weekend together. 

Saturday Night we had a wonderful evening in front of the fire pit with some blush bubbles, a duvet and a 6stone hot water bottle.

 We 3 slept under the stars. 


Then Sunday our New Feathery additions joined us. They settled in while we reflected on the year with some more bubbles. 

Here is to another Happy Year Together … 

Bring Back Paper: Read, Write Create.

28 Jan

Well I thought I would join in once again with Jocelyn at The Reading Residence Bring Back Paper challenges.

New for 2015 Jocelyn has introduced Read, Write, Create for 2015.


The idea is to Read, Write and Create each month then on the last Wednesday of the month link up with Jocelyn at The Reading Residence with your blog post of what you have been up too.

So let’s begin …

I’ve actually not purchased any new penpal stationary for a while as I am trying to use up my stock pile before I invest in anything new.
So I’ve been trying to be inventive with what I have.
Joining – sticking – cutting – doodling.

As I write this Im remembering the couldn’t be refused Washi tape I purchased at the beginning of the month.


So correction I’ve only made a little purchase.

January’s activity was to send some happy mail & as a letter writer an additional piece of happy mail you would not normally send- I’ve written a post earlier in the month about this activity as I am participating in ‘Pay it Forward’ this year.


However I was moved by Jocelyn’s post featuring the Charity Postpals and although I haven’t put pen to paper yet I fully intend to in the next few weeks.
Postpals charity enables letter writers to “Post a Smile on a Sick Child’s Face’ by the sending of cards, letters, emails and little gifts to seriously ill children and their siblings”. Letter writer or not why not take a look at their website you may want to take part.

Read, Write, Create

Read: Well I haven’t done much book reading at all of late but I have had a lovely letter from my #postcircle #goose pal in New Zealand.
Which I read over a cup of tea and cheered up a dreary day.


Write: I’ve been catching up on a long over due letter this month as well as my usual catch up snail mail.


Create: I’ve been trying to be creative with my stationary supplies of late in an attempt to use some up before I replenish stocks.


I’ve also been creative with my Filofax this month; making my own planner pages as well as decorating my diary pages.


That’s my papery month!

You can see others & Jocelyn’s papery month over at the The Reading Residence .




16 Jan

This week I have been writing some letters to my penpals, one lady whom I particularly owe a letter and miss dropping a papery line with.


I’ve also joined in with Jocelyn at The Reading Residence Bring Back Paper challenge.

Jocelyn’s January’s challenge is to send out a piece of Happy Mail. If you are already a Snail Mailer she has set the additional task of sending out one more piece of Happy Mail to some one you don’t regularly correspond with.

Earlier in the month I fulfilled this January challenge by joining in with ‘Pay it Forward’ where by you send a piece of happy mail to 5 different people randomly at anytime throughout 2015.

You may have seen this on my Instagram & Twitter account and around and about, many people take part in this.


I offered this to the regular people who I exchange with and also those who I do not exchange with.

So excitingly (as I enjoy sending happy mail as much as receiving it) I have 5 ladies to surprise at some point.

1: Lady in the Netherlands.
1: Lady in America. (I already exchange with)
2: Ladies in The UK.
1: Lady in Australia.

I’m so pleased I got a response and am really looking forward to sending these ladies a treat during the year.
I’m so eager, I need to put my thinking cap on and surprise these ladies.

Pop over and take part with Jocelyn if you are also a #PaperyPeep kind of person.

Next month she is Hosting a Stationary Swap.


Papery Peep

1 Sep

August’s #Bringpaperback #PaperyPeep Challenge as set by Jocelyn Over at The Reading Residence was the 31 Days of Paper Photo Challenge on Instagram.

Just look for the #31daysofpaper hashtag over on Instagram, there has been lots of lovely pictures and papery inspiration for August.
I have really enjoyed taking part and looking at others photos.

Here were the topics for each day.


So these are my #31daysofpaper round up.


Day 1 – 4


Day 5 – 8


Day 9 – 12


Day 13 – 16


Day 17 – 21


Day 22 – 26


Day 27 – 31


Pop over to The Reading Residence ( (I still can’t link I am sorry) for other peoples Papery Peep links this month.


31 Days of Paper

31 Aug

Day 24: Floral.


Day 24: Project Life Cards.

Day 25: Precious.


Day 25: From My Great Aunts first communion in 1939, her Daily Prayer & Devotions book. She kindly passed it on to me.

Day 26: Must Have ?


Day 26: “Money Makes The World Go Round” BUT “The Best Things In Life Are Free”

Day 27: ‘T’


Day 27: Traveling Journal. I have started my entry in #purplehikestravellingjournal.

Day 28: Home.


Day 28: Home has so many papery things but I took my inspiration from @thereadingresidence Day 28 picture as I love Alison Reeds Ink drawings. ‘Naughty Goat’ was my birthday present from Mr S this year and ‘The Lawn Mower’ was some of her first series.

Day 29: Green.


Day 29: Snail mail essentials; Washi & Ribbon.

Day 30: Family.


Day 30: This is part of our little Fur Family. I drew this back in 2012 But we have since added Ivy & Alex; The Cats and Guinness & Minnie; The Rabbits. An update is needed.


Day 31: Love.


Day 31: My Paternal Grandparents were married just over 62 years before my Grandmother passed away they loved each other, they have always given me so much love and in fact are very giving and loving people in general and I will always love them.

Wow so that’s it 31 days! The whole of August and The End of Summer.

Thank you to Jocelyn @Thereadingresidence for such a fab idea and wonderful daily prompts.
It’s been great seeing everyone’s papery takes on the theme for each day.


31 Days of Paper

23 Aug

Week 3 of #31daysofpaper as hosted by Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence.

Once again you can find others #31daysofpaper over on Instagram under the hashtag.
Also if you are a paper lover then don’t forget Jocelyn also hosts #bringbackpaper on her Blog, Twitter and Instagram.

Day 17: Classic.


Day 17: Some of the ‘classics’ on the bookshelf.

Day 18: ‘B’.


Day 18: ‘B’ is for Bridal Shower for the Bride *ME* *ME* *ME*
My Matron of Honour through me a 1950’s Vintage Bridal Shower.
There was lots of different papery aspects these are just a few. Photo prop signs and invites.

Day 19: Animal.


Day 19: I have lots of Animal Paper related pictures; Animal Writing Paper, Animal Books, Animal Stickers etc BUT in this house one thing you can guarantee when you sit down with any type of paper you get an Animal join you.

Day 20: Cute.


Day 20: Bunny Rabbits ! I love bunny Rabbits and think they are so cute. I also think Belle & Boo are cute.
These framed cards are in the Guest Bedroom.

Day 21: Blue.


Day 21: Shades of Blue… Snail Mail Tuck In’s and My Address Book.

Day 22: ‘L’


Day 22: ‘L’ is for Letter in the dictionary.

Day 23: Smile.


Day 23: This made me smile this morning in the CB Magazine.


31 Days of Paper

16 Aug

Week 2 of #31daysofpaper as hosted by Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence.

Once again you can find others #31daysofpaper over on Instagram under the hashtag.
Also if you are a paper lover then don’t forget Jocelyn also hosts #bringbackpaper on her Blog, Twitter and Instagram.

Day 11: Pattern.


Day 11: Chevron Pattern on my Project Life File.

Day 12: New


Day 12: A New not used envelope making kit from ‘Tiger’.

Day 13: Favourite.


Day 13: One of my favourite book quotes.

Day 14: ‘R’.


Day 14: ‘R’ is for Rabbits!

Day 15: Reading Pile.


My bedside reading pile.
Kathy Reichs: I love her Forensic Anthropology Crime Novels.
Mindfulness for Health: In my constant strive for natural pain relief and well being.
A pocket guide to Florence! Not long now!

Day 16: Useful.


Day 16: My daily time planner spreadsheet.


31 Days of Paper

9 Aug

August’s #Bringpaperback #PaperyPeep Challenge as set by Jocelyn Over at The Reading Residence is the 31 Days of Paper Photo Challenge on Instagram.

Just look for the #31daysofpaper hashtag over on Instagram, there has been lots of lovely pictures and papery inspiration and we are only in the first week.


You can follow Jocelyn @Thereadingresidence on Instagram and Twitter and You can follow my Pictorial Pondering’s @serotiny_haf on Instagram & Pinterest and find me rambling on Twitter also.

Each Week I have decided to summarise my #31DaysOfPaper Pictures in a post.

1st – 9th August 2014

Day 1: Currently.


Day 1: Found me currently sorting wedding magazines to pass on.

Day 2: Pretty.


Day 2: I think this paper from Hobby Craft is pretty I hope to use it to decoupage the back of a bookshelf.

Day 3: Yellow.


Day 3: I have a collection of classics with pretty covers. This version of The Secret Garden is a vibrant sunshine yellow.

Day 4: ‘D’.


Day 4: ‘D’ stands for my Daily meal planner. A paper planner framed allowing the glass to be written on.

Day 5: Childhood.


Day 5: Art work from Our Niece. We display all our Nieces drawings.

Day 6: Pink.


Day 6: Pink Stationary for my letter writing.

Day 7: Memory.


Day 7: In Memory of my late Grandmother who passed away in January.

Day 8: Fun.


Day 8: Toilet Paper dresses at my hen party in June.

Day 9: Creative.


Day 9: Creative booklet making for letter writing pals.


Papery Peep #BringBackPaper

30 Apr

As part of #BringBackPaper over with Jocelyn at The Reading Residence.
The last Wednesday of the month is #PaperyPeep link up.

The idea being to share your papery love on your Blog/Instagram/Twitter etc.

As well as the normal letter writing incoming and outgoing paper love that goes on around here, these are a few of the other papery things that have been happening @hundredacrefarm throughout April.

The Papery Printed Delights of my Sunday at Half Penny Home.




Followed by my Birthday Cards!


My #BringPaperBack book swap from Alison arrived; another person sharing in the paper love.


And the finishing and sending of Rather a lot of wedding invitations!


That is the #PaperPeep post from @hundredacrefarm.

I now have my thinking cap on for May’s as we all know how terrible I am at meeting link up deadlines! If I start now I might be ready!


The Reading Residence

Book Swap #BringBackPaper

29 Apr

As part of Jocelyn at The Reading Residence #bringbackpaper I participated in her book swap. I was paired with Alison.

Today I received my #bringbackpaper book in return from Alison.



It was beautifully wrapped with a royal blue satin ribbon.


Alison had also added a very nice art deco style card which was very pretty with the black and gold.


I have not read anything by this author nor had I seen this book so I look forward to reading – hopefully at some point out in the sunshine.

Thanks Again Alison and Jocelyn for hosting #bringbackpaper.


The Reading Residence

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