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Tray Revamp

25 Aug

I’ve been trying to finish a few crafty projects that need the outdoors before the weather changes to much. One of these projects was to spray paint a desk tray I had brought a while ago now from a charity store.

When purchased it was an orange pine.


It has a handy raised part and a little draw. I hope it will be useful for my letter writing.


And this is the little tray after…


In fresh white with a gold draw.


I am contemplating the addition of small gold polka dots but at the moment I quiet like the plain blank white surface.

Another craft project to tick off the list.


Silver Clay

21 Aug

I have discovered another new craft addiction! Silver Clay!

It’s like alchemy magic!

Half Penny Home introduced me to this medium and I’m in love.

You take your clay; which looks like white putty essentially.
Fashion it free style, use a mould, imprint etc just like you would any other clay type medium.


Then fire on either a gas ring, with a kitchen blowtorch or in a kiln.


The next part is the alchemy. You then file, burnish & polish your little treasure and watch as the pasty white exterior turns into shiny 99.9% silver.



I need to order a chain for my leaf necklace when I do I will update you.


Soap Making The Result

19 Aug

Back in May I posted about my soap making fun at Half Penny Home.

With the type of soap making we did; Cold Press, you need to let the soap cure for a few weeks or months if you don’t get back to visit Half Penny Home!

Friday I finally got to pick my soapy makes up.

And here they are…

Romantic Moistening Soap with Rose and Coco Butter.


Refreshing Lemon Soap to Vitalise & Uplift.


Cleansing Garden Soap with tea tree and olive oil.


Calming Calendula & Chamomile.


I would love to do this again before Christmas as presents for this year… Watch this space.



Word Of The Week

1 Aug

Sunday 27th – Saturday 2nd August 2014

This Week My Word of the Week Is Currently.

I’ve actually taken this word inspiration from Jocelyn over at The Reading Residence, the lady who hosts Word of the Week.

Jocelyn also hosts #paperypeep and this month she is encouraging you to take a Paper Related Photo a day over on Instagram.


Friday 1st August word is Currently, which has been my inspiration for Word of the Week.

I have not been blogging as much as I would have liked for the past few months so I thought using the word Currently I would catch up on the goings on here at Hundred Acre Farm and tell you what’s Currently been happening.

Currently Crafting:
I’ve got a few Crochet WIP on the go I would like to finish up this year.

* Granny Stripe Blanket – Needs addressing as Debbie Bliss has discontinued some colours I need. I have a new yarn in mind it’s just a case of purchasing it.


* Flora Bunny – Needs her Ears finishing. I might have to ask for some help with this as my hands are still to bad to be able to do this.


* Baby Blanket – Due to my joints the Baby blanket for our niece never got finished, that and Mr S spilt coffee over it. I am now finishing it more as a cat blanket rather than a gift due to the coffee spillage.


Currently Aiming:

* To Start I Quit Sugar again. I managed my aimed quitting period up till My Hen Party & The Wedding.
Now it’s time to get back to it as I really did feel better.

* To blog more, continuing with my blog theme; finding the good in everyday helping me to remain positive.

* The next year Mr S & I aim to continue doing the house up. So lots of DIY and craft projects to follow.

Currently Happening:

Mr S & I are enjoying being married, we have a our Honeymoon in Florence, Italy that we are really needing and excited about.
We are looking forward to re-establishing our routine and enjoying our free time once more; it’s amazing how much time was taken up with Wedding Things. We are planning lots of relaxing time together getting back to the things we enjoy.

So that’s my Word of the Week.


The Reading Residence

Soap Making

13 May

Another Fantastic day had a Halfpenny Home.

This time we were cold press soap making!

See Nicola really is a master of all trades.

While the weather was turbulently abysmal outside we were tucked up in the cozy Halfpenny Home Cote making our aromatic delights.

Soap making is a process that needs care due to the ingredients and in the UK you can’t just sell such homemade products but what you can do is gift them as presents or just keep them all to yourself !

We made a variety of soaps; a Cleansing Garden Soap with tea tree and olive oil, a Romantic Moistening Soap with Rose and Coco Butter and A Refreshing Lemon Soap to Vitalise & Uplift.

This is the Romantic Rose Soap ready to rest and settle.


In a week they will be set so we can return and collect our wonderful makes.
But we still have to leave them a little longer to cure before use.

Once again we learnt pointers to get us started for future makes and we learnt all the key words in the process, such as trace, lye etc.

I can’t wait to show you the final products and use them!

As always not forgetting that Halfpenny Home is a Haberdashery. Nicola had some new ribbon in that caught my eye so I had to purchase some for the stash.


Hope you had a Great Weekend too.


Fabric Printing

28 Apr

I had a Fab weekend at Half Penny Home on Sunday.

We spent the day painting fabric and papers with Painted House Rollers.


Over a year ago I purchased the little deer family roller (No.6) to do our spare bedroom wall with but that’s as far as I ever got, in fact that’s as far as I ever got with the decorating at all, the house is postponed until we have had the wedding now.


As it was my birthday weekend Mr S treated me to a lovely smoked salmon and scrambled egg breakfast at the Alder Carr Farm Cafe.


Before we got down to the ‘hard’ work.

We all produced some fantastic pieces and I personally can’t wait to use the fabric I printed to make some curtains for the craft room and a roman blind for the spare room.

White on Turquoise pillow cases. Tuvi Roller.



Soft Grey on Yellow Fabric. No.6 Roller.


White on White. Tuvi Roller.


White on White. No.6 Roller.


White on Turquoise. Tuvi Roller.


Soft Grey on Blue Paper Serviette. Tussock Roller.


Soft Grey on White Tissue Paper. Tussock Roller.


Baby Pink on Brown Paper. Tuvi Roller.


Soft Grey on Brown Paper. Tussock Roller.

It was actually great to practice and funny how things work out, as I’m so glad I didn’t storm ahead with the spare room wall. By doing it at Half Penny Home’s Class I have learnt things that only come with experience of using the rollers, getting to know the paint consistency and advice from a seasoned crafter.

And I now need more rollers of course and the Fabric Applicator. Good Job Half Penny Home is going to be stocking Painted House Range!


Free Hand Machine Embroidery

6 Apr

Once again it was off to the jubilant heights of Half Penny Home HQ in Creeting St Mary for some crafting. This time it was for Free Hand Machine Embroidery with 4 other ladies.

This is now my favourite favourite new craft!

I had so many – to many, ideas whizzing around for my makes, so much so I found it hard to produce a piece that was cohesive.

Nicola had a wealth of materials we could use; fabrics, paper, ribbon, yarns you name it.

We started with getting a feel for the machine and technique.
Swiggles and Swirls, holding the hop and control.


Then it was on to appliqué practice or technique practice for our main project.

I decided on a birdie. I’ve tried to add texture with the ribbon feather wings and yarn branch.


And my final piece well of course that had to be …


I added a few hand sewn touches when I got back home… You can just see the little beads on the table cloth, then the extra flower which has ribbon and tulle behind it for texture and the chain stitch flower on the teapot.

I found it so enjoyable I didn’t want to stop playing but feared reaching that point of overdoing something and spoiling it.

I can’t wait to get my machine back and give this ago again.
It’s a craft that has so many applications when you put your mind and creativity to it. Thanks once again Nicola for those handy tips and the confidence to try something new.


Bombs & Balms At Half Penny Home

24 Mar

If only there was scratch & sniff on your screen…
Imagine the relaxing aromas of Rosemary & Lavender delighting your senses while you read this post, as this is how I spent the day at Half Penny Home’s New HQ at Alder Carr Farm in Creeting St Mary, Suffolk.


As usual helped along with delicious home baked goodies; Rosemary infused Salted Caramel Millionaires shortbread made by Nicolas fair hand and a lovely soup lunch from the Alder Carr Farm Cafe.
I and 4 other ladies made wonderful bath and beauty products under the knowledgable guidance of Nicola.


Nicola gave us lots of different tips for our bombs and balms, and I think we all feel confident & defiantly eager to try this again for ourselves.


As you can see I added little extras to the basic recipe, by putting in petals and flower heads for the aesthetic effect.
There was also experimentation with the adding of colour and essential oils.

The whole shop smelt amazing by the end of the class.


These are my finished goodies!

A selection of healing balms and lip balms.


And my lavender topped aches & pains soothing bath bombs.




I’m booked on to a soap class with Nicola next and I can’t wait.


Wool Week

14 Oct

This week 14th-20th October 2013 is Wool Week

The aim of Wool Week is to give prominence to wool as a “natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre” (Campaign for Wool, 2013).

My Wool week started Saturday with my fellow #PostCircle local #Geese when we toddled off to The Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in London.

Firstly wow what an amazing building Alexandra Palace is, it’s beautiful!

Saturday Morning we all meet under the amazing architecture of The Palm Court for the first time.

I think I can speak for us all in saying we had a nice day chatting, shopping and having a lovely lunch.

So what did I buy you ask… Well here we are.

This Soft soft soft italian cashmere yarn makes these lovely baby hats from one ball.



Toft Yarn: again this part alpaca yarn is so soft and is heading for a herring bone scarf with these super fluffy pompoms at either end.


The Cats LOVE these pompoms!


I’ve hidden them as our Parrot Cat has taken to grooming them.


More Toft (and I could have brought lots lots more but tried not to get carried away with strict instructions to my fellow #Geese to STOP me spending!)

This little bag is for crocheting The Toft Edward’s Menagerie.


This is a sneak peek from the Toft website.


The book is gorgeous! And highly recommend!

What’s next ? Arr Yes Debbie Bliss from Black Sheep Wools Bargain Bundles.


Again with all the Rowan and Debbie Bliss and other Beautiful Yarns at great prices I could have spent a fortune! With the Black Sheep Wool stand.

Finally; If you read my blog you know for a while I’ve been wanting to try extreme crochet/knitting. So I’ve brought some needles 28mm, not the biggest but I think the biggest I can deal with.


That’s my Wool Week.
I still need to finish the blanket for the new baby due in the family this November, so the above projects will have to wait for a bit.


Desk Make Over

23 Sep

A little while back I mentioned giving my crafting desk a make over, I was torn between Deep Purple or Turquoise.

Having not found the a colour Turquoise I wanted, but finding a ‘Plastikote’ Matt Aubergine Purple spray the choice was made.

So one fine August Day I set about my desk make over.

From This …





To This …



I also ‘Plastikote’ Matt sealed the desk and painted the inside of the draw in gold acrylic and now I have my made over desk for the Craft Room.


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