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On the 3rd Day of January

3 Jan

Many who know me know I struggle with the things I enjoy due to my joint issues.
One of the things I get restricted with is my crochet. So many projects I’ve started remain unfinished due to the limitations. I’ve learnt of late start nothing with a hook smaller than 4mm.

Anyway my love does not fain and I still try. So when I saw on Instagram Mummy_Stacey was suggesting a CAL with a square a day reflecting the mood of the day theme, I thought why not I may actually get a blanket finished this year.


If your interested in the idea yourself its not to late nip over and join Mummy _Staceys group on IG or Facebook.

I’ve made some mistakes with blankets in the past choosing wool that has been expensive for a big project or that has been discontinued before I’ve finished etc, so this time I wanted a cheap but natural yarn and limited my colours as I’m not exactly flush after Christmas and we do have the wedding this year.

In short I picked RICO DK Cotton at £2.89 a 50g ball.


My colours represent the following moods:

Dusky Rose – A Good Day Health & Happiness
Rose – Happy
Lilac – Neutral
Mauve – Low
White – The Positive & Pure in Everyday

So that’s it I’ve chosen the 365 day challenge of a square a day and I’m sticking to a 4mm hook and a simple mood of the day centre round and an outer round of White to represent the good in everyday. So that hopefully what ever my joints are doing I should be able to manage.

I have been doing a daily update on IG (Serotiny_Haf) but as of next week will keep it to a weekly update Sunday-Saturday and I will blog and IG post.

Day 1:

My RICO Yarn hadn’t arrived so I used a pink yarn from my stash.

Mauve Pink = Love & Family


Day 2:

RICO Rose = Happy


Day 3:

RICO Dusky Rose = A Good Day Health & Happiness


3 days; 362 to go.




Happy New Year 2014

2 Jan

Welcome 2014.

I finished the year on a bit of a slow one; I won’t say a down as it wasn’t a down there were lots of nice things that happen from October-December, I was just lacking in energy.
*Remember there is good in everyday*


In October there was wedding planning and I finally got my dress.

We went to a wedding where the Aunt of the Bride had made these beautiful paper cranes to decorate the whole venue …


I took one home for luck.


We got the Norwalk Virus – AGHhhh

Then it was November.


In November I manage to sort our wardrobes 15 charity bin bags later & a good few to the clothes bank.





There may not look like much different but I can actually see what I have now and put everything away. Next is matching hangers!

We had some lovely muddy walks with one of the newer additions to our extended family; a Black Labrador.


And we had another new doggie addition, my brother got this gorgeous little girl.



We were chasing our tails a bit in December. Mr S was working every which hour of the day and night.

It started well though as we have a healthy and beautiful Niece who was born on the 1st.

We got our real Christmas Tree about mid December.


Mr S is hidden behind.

There is nothing quiet like the smell of a real tree.


I fashioned a door wreath from an old Tesco value sale plastic wreath, some baulbals, little pegs, ribbon etc


I did some baking. Adapting as I went to Gluten Free of Course.



Christmas Wreath Pavlova



And some Christmas Meringue Kisses


Sea Salt Water Biscuits


Christmas & Celebrations, were lovely and Family orientated.

And the New Year started with a lovely family meal at ours yesterday to Welcome in 2014.

A Happy & Healthy New Year To You All.

Remember through out 2014…

“sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling in to place”.

” Every day may not be good, but there is something GOOD in every day “


Wool Week

14 Oct

This week 14th-20th October 2013 is Wool Week

The aim of Wool Week is to give prominence to wool as a “natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre” (Campaign for Wool, 2013).

My Wool week started Saturday with my fellow #PostCircle local #Geese when we toddled off to The Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in London.

Firstly wow what an amazing building Alexandra Palace is, it’s beautiful!

Saturday Morning we all meet under the amazing architecture of The Palm Court for the first time.

I think I can speak for us all in saying we had a nice day chatting, shopping and having a lovely lunch.

So what did I buy you ask… Well here we are.

This Soft soft soft italian cashmere yarn makes these lovely baby hats from one ball.



Toft Yarn: again this part alpaca yarn is so soft and is heading for a herring bone scarf with these super fluffy pompoms at either end.


The Cats LOVE these pompoms!


I’ve hidden them as our Parrot Cat has taken to grooming them.


More Toft (and I could have brought lots lots more but tried not to get carried away with strict instructions to my fellow #Geese to STOP me spending!)

This little bag is for crocheting The Toft Edward’s Menagerie.


This is a sneak peek from the Toft website.


The book is gorgeous! And highly recommend!

What’s next ? Arr Yes Debbie Bliss from Black Sheep Wools Bargain Bundles.


Again with all the Rowan and Debbie Bliss and other Beautiful Yarns at great prices I could have spent a fortune! With the Black Sheep Wool stand.

Finally; If you read my blog you know for a while I’ve been wanting to try extreme crochet/knitting. So I’ve brought some needles 28mm, not the biggest but I think the biggest I can deal with.


That’s my Wool Week.
I still need to finish the blanket for the new baby due in the family this November, so the above projects will have to wait for a bit.


Learning New Crafts

31 Jul

Each week seems to come round so quickly. In fact how on earth did it get to the end of July already?

I have been lucky enough this year to be able to have the time to follow my crafty passions and develop my homemaking skills – this is how I sell sitting enjoying crafting lots.

As part of this I enrolled last year on a pottery course which Ive continued with.


and In June I took part in a crochet granny square class at The Sheep Shop in Cambridge.


One thing I’m not, is a specific crafter- Jack Jill in this case of all trades master of none.
I do it for the fun & social enjoyment as much as the final ‘tadah’ moment (not that there has been much of that round here lately in the way of crochet projects).

Part of this enjoyment is often crafting with others; L, E & Myself have crafty meets here and there, with E we mainly crochet, L & I have been known to try other crafty sessions (note to L we still haven’t made soap and I have your book).

Having enjoyed learning new crafts & developing skills in a class environment, I have found myself booking onto more and more.


If you look around your local area there seems to be lots of classes popping up in lots of crafty make’y do’y things and not just at your local night schools.

I’ve picked the 3 places I currently have booked classes with.
I choose my classes on my interests and what I would like to learn. But it turns out I’ve also meet really lovely people while doing so.

My First was The Sheep Shop in Cambridge.

The Sheep Shop hosts numerous knitting, crochet & felting classes catering for all abilities and interests.

For Example;
Beginners Knitting – Lace Knitting. Beginners Crochet – Cable Crochet.

I’ve thus far had my Granny Squares Crochet class here, with a Fabulous teacher Joanne of Not So Granny and a Beginners Knitting class with Sarah of The Sheep Shop.


I choose to make slightly longer hand warmers for my beginners knitting class which has left me needing just more than my one ball of yarn, so I need to pop back and get another ball when I’m next in town before I can finish them.

Having caught the ‘bug’ I have booked up on several more knitting/crochet courses until Christmas as I really want to hone up on my knitting especially hence going back to real basics.

A Few Extra Points:

* The parking in the evening is much easier than I first thought and worried about for the centre ish of Cambridge and silly permit parking. But after 6 you are fine there.

* Each class was a nice size of 6.

* The ladies teaching us are very good at showing and explaining in a way that you will understand.

* We got handy information print outs that we could make notes on, which I have actually made use of rather than just ‘filing’.

* You can buy the kits you need for the class on the night if your unsure.

My Second class find was Nicola at Halfpenny Home.
To summarise the first time of meeting Nicola; I went in to pay for my class & left an hour plus later after a great chat; which felt like she was an old friend, & over a glass of pimms.


Nicola has the Halfpenny Home Haberdashery shop in Needham Market, Suffolk.

Mr S, Myself & The Dog were AMAZED at the shop.
Needham Market is a quaint Suffolk village. Adding to its mystery follow the signs to Halfpenny Home located down a small path in a ‘barn’, It’s a delightful mixture of the much coveted vintage and the new.

Halfpenny Home Haberdashery offers a variety of crafty classes. From ‘Yarn’ie’ interests such as Knitting, Natural Fibre Dying & Fleece Preparation to Soap Making, Needle Felting & Rag Doll Making to name but a few and if it’s not on the list contact Nicola she might have a course lined up for future.

My first class was “Rocks with Frocks” ~ great title isn’t it!
Crocheting around items such as pebbles.

You may remember my own first attempt at this ended in a hat rather than frock for my pebble.

I had a wonderful relaxed Saturday afternoon with Nicola and 3 others crocheting our pebbles. The time just flew by.
Accompanied by plenty of homemade cake, tea & chatter.

Oh yes and doing what I went there for Tadah…


My next class at Halfpenny Home was Vintage Bag Making.

*AGES* ago I brought a rather pretty vintage looking bag for its frame with the intention of giving it a re-vamp and that was 2 years ago. A few weekends ago I found it once again and was spurred on to find out how – queue Vintage Bag Making.

Once again I had a lovely time, over came some of my sewing machine fears with an always calm Nicola, learnt lots of little sewing tips and have a fantastic bag which is lined and trimmed I will have you know!



Did I mention cake again…Orange Polenta cake with Rosemary Drizzle.


A Few Extra Points:

* Nicola in a previous life work with Fabrics in Upholstery and Furnishings (I hope I’ve got that right). She is an accomplished seamstress so excellent at passing on handy tips & knowledge.

* Halfpenny Home Classes are inclusive of materials. No hidden extras. But if you want to purchase more you can. In fact try and resist visiting Halfpenny Home Haberdashery and not making a purchase.

* There is plenty of Free parking around the shop.

* The Classes I attended came with again useful handouts.

* Classes are very relaxed & friendly making learning much easier.

My 3rd class choice has been Betty Makes . A new growing venture by the delightful Jean-Mary.

You can read all about the classes that have taken place on the Betty Makes Blog .

Jean-Mary’s studio has a light airy feel and has the advantage of being the closest of the 3 to us.

*Ive borrowed this Photo From BettyMakes Blog where you can see the studio in its full glory.

The first class I got to was Lino Printing on Cards One Sunny Sunday.

Arriving late I eventually caught up.
We all spent hours of therapeutic concentrating & chatting carving out our designs in the Lino. Before stopping for a pleasant catered lunch.
After lunch was the telling moment had our Lino Carvings been successful?


As you can see I choose a tea related design need you ask. You can see what the other ladies did over on Betty Makes Blog .

This class was a real enjoyable learning curve and I’ve caught the Lino Printing Bug too now. My prints were a bit rustic looking due to my paint application mainly but actually though unintentional I like it.

I’ve since framed my clearest card which is now proudly on display in the kitchen.


I can’t wait for my next class on Sunday at Betty Makes; Needle Felting with teacher Jenny Tidman (who teaches needle & wet felting at Betty Makes & Halfpenny Home Haberdashery)

I am taking my 14 year old cousin. Who thinks her needle felted critter will top my attempt – we will see – So watch this space for what we produce.

A Few Extra Points:

* There are not only weekday classes at Betty Makes but weekend classes too.

* Betty Makes has a wide selection of classes. For Example Crochet, Sewing & Lino Printing. Take a Look.

* Most Classes include your equipment. You also have the choice of buying certain class kits at a reasonable price to take away with you.

* Jean-Mary is CRB checked, she works with children & is an Integrative Counsellor. Oh & She’s a Mum.
What does this mean… Children’s Craft Party’s!

* Easy close parking.

I know this has been a long post but I wanted to show you all the classes at once. I can’t express how much fun craft classes are if your that way inclined and Great for making new friends.
All 3 also do knitting or craft nights as well so even if you don’t want to do a class you can pop in make new friends and take your latest project.

Do Look These Ladies Up or check out your own local classes.

Happy Crafting


Current Craftiness

13 Jul

Over the past week I’ve had some time to play with last months Crafty Creatives Box 12 (you can view CCBox12 full contents in a previous post) and thought I would show you my makes.

This months kit was cross stitch, I loved crossed stitch when I was younger so this was a welcome reminiscent craft.


There were 4 pattens to choose from and I chose the cupcake, but added my own touches. I added a 3rd colour; pink, a border, some beads & a heart topper. I really enjoyed doing it and it’s now joined the ‘tea corner’ in the kitchen.

My other Crafty Creatives Box 12 make was from the polymer clay cake slice charms.

I brought some clasps and connecting hoops and *heypresto*


Cake Slice Stitch Markers.

Last week was my last Pottery session of the term.
I finished my little house off at home before hand so It would be fired over the holidays.


In class I’ve wrapped up a few projects, glazing and embellishing which hopefully will be fired and ready to collect soon.

I’ve also been trying to improve my knitting skills and in doing so thought I would start again from basics.
A few weeks ago now Sarah at The Sheep Shop ran a beginners knitting class which I attended and though I could already knit found it very helpful to learn cast on methods and various other little bits.


We started handwarmers which I’ve been continuing with I’ve finished one but I’ve dropped a stitch on the other – and this is why I’m going back to learning!

Though fixing mistakes isn’t one of Sarah’s classes I’ve signed upto yet!

Also a Crochet WIP I have going at the moment is a baby blanket for my Sister-in-Law whose baby is due in November.


I have a soft spot for these little granny squares. We do not yet know whether she is having a little boy or girl but I’m intending on crocheting enough blue, green and eventually pink squares so that when we do know I can make a blanket out of what ever is colour appropriate.

My final crafty project this week has been a new notice board.
I purchased some of Miss Beatrix beautiful hand painted buttons a couple of weeks ago and wanted to find a good way to display them along with my Lupin Handmade Brooch.


So today I set to making a notice board to display a few select bits on in my craft room.


I covered an A4 flat artist canvas in spotty blue material and made some bunting. Before arranging & sewing on the buttons and attaching the primrose brooch.
Finally I attached a ‘washing line’ across the board to allow me to added other favourite bits.


Thus far I’ve added a #postcircle #goose sticker I received today on a lovely #postcircle letter, to my notice board ‘washing line’.

I can’t wait to add more! I will keep you updated.


“I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!”

12 Jun


Today my Lakeland order was fulfilled so I thought I would share with you all.

Firstly practical stuff…


Poachets; Mr S’s new favourite cooking gadget and well worth it as I actually got breakfast in bed made for me the other weekend with the aid of these fellas. Easiest way by far for a perfect poached egg.

I brought a cake carrier, with my new Clandestine Cake Club Ventures I need a good solid carrier. I haven’t tested it yet but it certainly feels like it will do a good job.


It seems very well balanced, a nice carrying handle and the clip locks look very secure; so hopefully no accidents.

Now the third item I ordered was a mug.


Are you thinking that doesn’t look like a mug – no your right its not it is a “Sanderson biscuit barrel”. Someone -‘Richard’ – my packer got it wrong.
No fear, as normal Lakeland Customer Services were on the case, dispatching the item I actually ordered and this impressed me I was told as it was the summer and there are lots of fetes and charity fund raisers instead of the time & cost to send it back to donate the item to a good cause. I’m impressed what a sensible & kind thing for a big company to do. Well Done Lakeland .

Lakeland are a favourite company of mine in fact our whole family. My 86 year old Grandmother loves them and they are always excellent to her when she rings up to order.

What I actually ordered turned up today.


My Walls Ice Cream tin mug. This was totally an impulse buy while browsing.


I am not sure what it will be used for yet but I do know I was just drawn to it.
They have a range of Walls merchandise at Lakeland at the moment, If your drawn by kitsch impulse like I was.


I will leave you with this image of The Princess & The Dog cuddling in bed this morning. It makes me smile their relationship. He looks after and protects his little sister. So Cute.



All heard of a Bull in a China Shop…

9 Jun

But have you heard of … A Boxer in a Haberdashery…

Today Mr S, The Dog & I went to Needham Market a lovely little Suffolk Village, To visit Halfpenny Home’s shop & work shop.

*Photo taken from Halfpenny Home

Halfpenny Home was one of my Twitter finds; drawn firstly to her profile by the words TEA & CHICKENS two of my fancies, she got even better by being a crafty soul *click follow*

Having followed Halfpenny Home for a few weeks now and being intrigued by her shop and blogging. Today we took a trip to meet the face behind it all.

At her little shop; which is tucked away on the approach to the railway station in Needham Market, adding to its mystery and charm.
Nicola offers a whole array of sew’y yarn’y pleasures to meet your crafting needs as well as offering classes in multiple different crafts.

Her shop is a feast for the eyes; Mr S said “wow it was like Alice in Wonderland or Something”.
It’s that type of organised stylish chaos that looks amazing, has your eyes flickering from one thing to the next and your mind buzzing, and I couldn’t create if I tried.
I’m sure if you want it Nicola has it or can source you it.


Some of my particular favourites being the millions (I’m sure I’m not exaggerating) of Buttons she has, Ribbons – Ribbons & More Ribbons and her personalised wooden knitting needles (I will own some of these if even as decoration in the craft room).


Today visiting with Nicola was a lady called Kay who makes Gluten Free, Vegetarian & Dairy Free Goodies which I sampled – Very delicious, but unfortunately due to chatting then a hasty retreat we failed to purchase any – This Time, I am hoping there will be a next time.


Mentioning our hasty retreat, I feel I should explain further by saying Mr S & The Dog went to the pub for an hour or so while I was chatting & browsing, enjoying a pimms with the ladies; I picked a good day to visit.
But on their return to collect me The Dog took a fancy to some rather nice Alpca Mix Yarn in a very vibrant orange, Our Boy has good taste.

So at this point we thought it best to retreat before he caused any damage. Luckily he is only a bit sneaky and not destructive, he sees it as his giving you a gift also something he does with socks- a story for another day.

It was past closing I didn’t realise until we were in the car, so sorry about that. It just shows the good suffolk hospitality of Nicola.

As I was taking pictures just before we left my battery died so I couldn’t capture all I would have liked to show you, but I am not sure a camera could do it justice as my eyes didn’t know where to look first. – You will just have to visit yourself and make a day of Needham Market.

All in All the 3 of us had a lovely afternoon.
The boys at the pub, The Dog had a good afternoon playing with local children, Mr S with his treat of a Guniness & Sausage Sarnie and me with the Wonderful delights of Halfpenny Home.

Oooo before I go I nearly forgot to show you what I got…

I just love velveted ribbon & teal matches our bedroom.


And this ribbon I’m not sure why I need it but I do I know that.


I’ve wanted some of this bobble ribbon, I’m not sure what its real name is, to edge the bottom of a blind in the spare room.


And finally The Dogs choice of Yarn how could I refuse him.


I’m thinking perhaps I will make some hand warmers with this.

Tonight we have been all getting ready for the working week once more.
Mr S is starting a new job tomorrow another step at working harder for our little family, Lets Wish Him Good Luck – We know you will do Great Hunny. Xx

Hope you all had a good weekend what ever you got up too.


The Weekend

3 Jun

The weekend mainly consisted of snuffles and copious amounts of tissues. I seem to have picked up a cold once again.


The in-laws came for lunch on Saturday. I prepared a beautiful array of finger sandwiches on my tiered glass servers and decorated with salad & pansies and then made a Victoria Sponge cake.
I even got the teapot out.

Not one to boast and praise myself normally – but Saturday I was back on form in just under 2 hours I managed to get myself out of bed, spruce up the house, bake a cake, send Mr S shopping and produce a wonderful platter for lunch. The only thing is in my haste I didn’t take photos and by the time I thought about it the only thing left was a piece if cake…


And here the poor thing looks a bit worse for where, minus it’s dusty icing sugar top all alone – don’t worry he joined the rest quickly after this photo was taken.
I must say this cake here may not look much but I couldn’t produce another like it if I tried, it was so fluffy and light I amazed myself.

I don’t compliment myself and I feel embarrassed saying the above but it’s more about a satisfaction that I produced something that made others happy.

The in-laws and Mr S were surprised when they saw the table and commented about it looking like they had gone for afternoon tea somewhere posh.

Now I’m blushing at my own comments before I delete them through awkwardness. I shall changed the subject and continue with the weekend.

Sunday it was nice enough weather so I took my crochet and sat in the garden.
My WIP deserved some TLC so I picked that up.


I have 3 more rows before the stripe bit is done and then I can start the granny squares.

The dog and I had a water fight with the watering can he loves trying to escape being splashed.

I yet again re-designed the garden. We have had to change it again as The Dogs toxic weewee has left the grass in a bad state so we have been discussing AstroTurf which neither of us are keen on but it’s nigh on impossible to get grass to seed unfortunately.
We finally have decided on decking and paving some of the lawn that has been damaged and continue to try and reseed the lawn the better part of the lawn.
But this will be later in the year we do this/next spring even.
I am going to plant up the flower beds that will remain the same this year, so the plants will be mature by the time the garden is done for next summer.

Here is a quick sketch. It won’t have all the plants in that I wanted but it will look nicer and I can always have pots with certain flowers in on the patio.


And this is what the design is based on and we are trying to recreate with plants rather than just trees.



The sketch isn’t finished the white area around the lawn is to be planted up further and a path design chosen.
With the planting I’ve decided to stick with mainly herbs with our soil and for the rabbits health (nibble nibble).

Talking of growing …
When we were flying home from Dublin I took this picture;


I love the aerial views of different places when your coming into land and the farmers fields reminded me of a patch work quilt – I wonder if I could put some thought into producing this somehow in something?? Hmmm…

This week sees June in and a busy crafty & baking month for me which I am looking forward to.


This * That * The Other

13 May

Its Monday once again people, I am hoping all had a wonderful weekend but for those who may not have, as life is like that, remember always look for the good in every day how ever hard it seems.

Over the weekend Mr S & I didn’t do a lot, I had a lot of ‘plans’ but nothing really got off the ground.

Friday I had been to the hospital for some blood tests and seen my Mother & Grandparents which was nice. The Dog loves a family outing.

Saturday was a duvet day. I unpacked some bits I had brought back with me Friday. One of which being a sewing basket given to me by my Grandmother.


This sewing basket has bits and bobs from my Grandmother, mostly my Great Great Aunt and my Great Great Great Grandmother.



It was interesting opening the little tins and discovering what was inside. Mostly buttons, but I like buttons, I have a teapot full of buttons.





Wooden sewing thread reals. Pre-Decimalisation monetary values marked on packs of binding, needles and such like, novel to me being a Post-Decimalisation child.


The basket it’s self is a little flimsy and the fabric needed a wash.
So carefully I unpicked it hand washed and ironed it it ready to be sewn back in and used for another generation to add to it.
I didn’t want to replace the fabric yet I like the blue gingham, plus I didn’t want to loose that part of its history.

Sunday Mr S had studying to do and I tidied and prepared for the week ahead ironing shirts and such like.

Afterwards we sat down and I finished my crochet granny squares practice piece.




Which I was quite chuffed about and has spurred me on to finishing my WIP blanket which I have shown you in past posts.

In a Random subject change:

Our Dog; The Dog is a rescue and on Sunday evening I made the mistake of looking at the website of the place we got him from Norfolk & Suffolk Boxer Rescue. .

I REALLY REALLY shouldn’t look!
I’m a sucker Mr S is a sucker we know this, it is how one Saturday we ended up taking the plunge and went from one day we will have a dog to looking at dogs and the next weekend owning one!

Currently on there is a 6month old little boy & 3 1/2 year old little girl.
Though the little boy caught my eye, I am sure he will find a good home quickly ppl like young puppies. But it’s the 3 1/2 year old little girl… I really have had to have a we can’t discussion with myself and Mr S. As age and personality wise she would be perfect, when we got The Dog we always had full intentions of getting a pair male & female.
There is just something niggling at me, there are lots of dogs that crop up but there is just something about her.
Any way NO!!

Monday came around again.


A caramel hot chocolate with cream and caramel drizzle was in order before I had a nail appointment, thankfully. My nails were in a bit of a state and due a pamper.
I’ve got fat hands with funny knuckles in my eyes and I hate having terrible nails as I feel they draw attention to them.


I am a red polish kinda gal normally but today I went for a pink with a purplish hue.
I brought some L’oreal (503 Addictive Plum) nail varnish which was the closet match to my nail varnish to paint my tootsies with tomorrow.

Afterwards I popped to stock up on pet food which seems to always be on our shopping list.
Then L meet me for coffee and we had a look around some shops.

I picked up bargains in Dunelm Mill a fux fur throw reduced from £40 to £10, the cats love faux fur.


It co-ordinates with The Parrot Cat very well.


Curtains reduced from £70 to £8.25 for a temporary fix in the lounge; it currently looks like we live in a squat with an old duvet cover over the broken blinds. Got to love our pets luckily they have now all grown out of the destruction phase.
A little job for papa when the parents next stay.


L & I couldn’t resist a quick look in Hobbycraft they have just got in a favourite of ours Smash Pad.
I brought some Smash Pad quotation notelets, discounted yellow ribbon and some multi coloured card. I intend to start my recipe cards I posted about a while back on the card. I’m just on the look out for a suitable receptacle for the recipe cards now.


I picked up a copy of Mollie Makes and last months Homemaker magazine to peruse while I’m painting my tootsies and having a tea break tomorrow.


Now Time for bed me thinks as its been a long day.



9 May


Back in 10mins


*Picture from*

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