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Blog & Life 2015: Out With The Old.

6 Jan

I am now entering my 3rd year of blogging.


My blog meets none of the blogging criteria of a successful blog.

But it’s my blog and a pleasure still to me as I never intended to become a ‘read blog’ nor still do I.
I have always used it as my personal muse to find the “good in everyday”.

In saying that I do however like the fact that others do pop, have a read and leave messages. This was a pleasure I never expected to have – so Thank You to those that do, despite my slack posts, poor spelling & grammar and somewhat dull wafflings.


As mentioned ‘The Blogging Criteria’:

One of these blogging criteria recommendations is regular blog posts – fail one.

A second being combine blog with other social media – fail two.

I’ve had a huge gap in blog posts and twitter, Instead Ive been found over on IG. I’ve found IG just the right amount of social media to fit in with my schedule for the later part of 2014. But New Year – New Schedule.

I’ve organised and sorted many aspects of the HAF household over the past few months and one area that remains a shamble of miss matching posts and WIP is my blog. I feel I should give a little TLC to the poor thing which is serving me so well.

So first out with the old…

There are 3 topics which I have covered in posts over the past 2 years that have come to an end for me at least.

CPSH; Craft Photo Scavenger Hunt: I really enjoyed taking part in this. There are lots of monthly photo taking variations out there but I enjoyed the personal nature of this as it was a small group which I could actually enjoy everyone’s posts each month. Unfortunately I joined this at the end of its life really the original organiser had passed the torch on and lives got busy and the group naturally and amicably fizzled as far as I am aware.
So this topic is no longer a feature on my blog.

BHBC & CCC: ; Beaters Hut Bakers Club & Clandestine Cake Club: Again two things I tremendously enjoyed taking part in and pushing the grey baking cells and skills. But alas baking is not always easy for me as it requires a full good week as I have to shop & bake, then commit to a date a month in advance when I have no idea how I will feel, leaving me feeling pressured and letting people down. Which means I can not take part unfortunately.
But both local groups still continue successfully and with some very hard work of 2 lovely groups- much recommend.

Crafty Creatives #CC: I stopped my Crafty Creatives boxes as to be honest I was getting a little bored of the format and I didn’t have the inkling to either do the crafts or the time. As I stopped though the format changed and I was given the option to test the new format but I declined – stupidly. As I do quite like the look of the new boxes. This maybe something in future I choose to do again.
I have however in its place taken more day classes in crafts which I have greatly enjoyed too and there will continue to be blog posts about.

Things I’ve not quite finished, Blog WIP’s …

A-Z of Me: I started this with my blog essentially and haven’t got past ‘E’.
So *ahem* it is in my blog planner; oh yes my organiser has one [*Tick* one criteria of a successful blog – have a planner- I just have to use it haha], so 2015 will see more of The A-Z of Me.

WSW; Window Shopping Wednesday: I haven’t done a WSW for over a year.
My break was due to Window Shopping often turns into shopping and with the Wedding I had to resist temptation to house shop and concentrate on the Wedding.
Our Wedding didn’t actually involve that much shopping. I had a clear picture in my mind and found or made what I wanted with a little help from Family & Friends.
Instead of shopping a lot of pinning happened and you can still see all of our Blush, Gold & Navy themed wedding inspiration on my Pinterest boards [Serotiny_HAF].
One day I will share our amazing day on the blog.

I Quit Sugar; The ‘diet’/Life style of quitting sugar: Well I lasted the first 5 weeks of full detox then had my Bridal Shower & Hen Party.
A Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea Party & A Best Friend who is a cake goddess and ‘I didn’t quit sugar’. I slowly slipped down the slippery slope again.
In saying this we do not quiet have the same amount of sugar as before as I have never restocked some sugary condiments and such like. I have also continued to switch to no sugar brands of certain foods. My snacking is slightly different too I switched some snacks to things like rice cakes & nut butters and this was always the area which was a high sugar concern in my diet.
I hope in the new year to attempt this again as I did feel some benefits.


So that’s a summery of the blog tidy & round up.

Blog Aims 2015

I aim to blog at least twice a week for now and increase my twitter communications again as I miss the interaction & knowledge to be found on twitter. I’ve found many a fab company or recommendation on twitter – not to mention twittering peeps becoming none virtual friends.

I aim to blog once a week on a positive good in the week for me, this could be snail mail, baking, a craft etc.

The second post I aim to do is continue to take part in Jocelyn at The Reading Residence, Word of the Week. I hope to make the link up most Fridays – Sundays.

The Reading Residence

My other occasional Blog Aim is to post about our Geocaching progress and have a bit of a catch up with this.


From time to time I hope to increase posts with participating with other blog link ups as I have done in the past.

I think it’s all looking ship shape over here and ready for 2015 and a 3rd Blogging Year.

I look forward to seeing what the new year brings.


Second Week Detox: I Quit Sugar.

23 May

Week 2: Monday 19th May 2014

“Operation Eat Fat”

“Once we take out sugar, the best thing you can do is replace it with fat and some protein.”

Well this is my second week. Let’s summarise.

At the end of Week 1 I felt so nauseas but I’m not sure if this was due to the detox or because I had a bug as it lasted 24hours.

Week 2 started well I felt very positive, and I had a clarity I have not had in a while. I’m unsure yet if this is because I was having a good health week (as I have ‘issues’) or it’s due to the detox.

I have woken up each morning feeling less groggy and haven’t been feeling as tired. Again is this a fluke?

I’ve had a productive week which always helps my mood but I do feel less bloated I’m not sure why sugar or lack there of would help bloating.

My cravings aren’t going away. I’m starving I’m eating more and feeling more hungry.
The good fats and proteins are meant to curb this hunger & craving.

I have had a small cheat this week in the form of a Frozen Homemade Banana Smoothie with not 1 but 2 Banana’s, it’s not really a cheat yet as only in Week 3 do you cut everything out.

However I have said no to desserts and chocolate which are my down fall and I’m proud of that. Also I’ve cut out most hidden sugars already because it wasn’t overly hard to do with my home cooking anyway.

And that’s the end of Week 2.


My First Week Detox: I Quit Sugar.

12 May

My Name is Serotiny & I am a Sugar addict.


The main Sugary downfalls in my diet are Baking and Chocolate.
I tend to drink lots of tea (another unhealthy habit though I do drink a variety of teas not just black) and with this have cake, biscuits, chocolate etc. I use sugary foods to boast my energy and my mood.

I consume about 500g plus of Milk Chocolate a day, added to that I could have biscuits and cakes, and that’s all with out the added sugars in my healthy cereal, mayonnaise, even the odd mixer drink etc.

I dread to calculate how much sugar this was in my diet, I just know eating as much as I did was never going to have a good out come at some point in my life.

To look at me you wouldn’t believe I ate all this, which is a regular look I get from people or the one of hate/envy. I remain around a size 6-8 what ever I seem to eat, I have done the whole of my teens & adult life thus far.

But regardless of body shape and size it’s about what’s going on with my inner self, the finer biomechanics of my body.

So here is introducing I Quit Sugar to my life:


Sarah Wilson’s 8 week Detox programme and life style change.

I purchased this and her latest book “I Quit Sugar For Life” from Amazon a few weeks ago.
But I have been waiting for the right week to prepare myself and start it.

This last week was week 1. As Sarah suggests in the book I will be documenting my changes and developments, and I intend to do this in a little note book and by sharing my experience here with you.

I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has tried the “I Quit Sugar” detox and how this has all worked out for them?

Week 1: Monday 12th May 2014


“* Start making food swaps this week For Example instead of Jam on Toast for Breakfast swap to a sugar free alternative such as Avocado on Toast.”

My Weeks meal plan.


So as I said my main area of sugar consumption is chocolate, cakes and biscuits.
I don’t regularly drink added sugar drinks or have sugar in my tea etc.
So my first week I’ve cut out all chocolate, cakes, biscuits & crisps.

I’ve also started to whittle down foods in the cupboard with added sugar or foods such as dried fruits that contain high levels or fructose, my cereal etc. As I really want to stick to the program but I don’t want to waste food either.

It’s amazing how many things have added sugar.
As the week has gone on I’m finding it really hard, I’m doubting my reasons for doing this and have begun the wrong thinking process of “well I will just cut down the amount of chocolate etc I eat rather than do this”.

But despite all this I have kept going. At the same time positively I’ve been eating a proper full Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and have cut down on my black tea consumption.

I will say I’ve noticed a pattern developing in my chocolate/sugar consumption. With the hardest times being after meals. I seem to always crave something after a savoury meal.
So I’ve followed one of Sarah’s book suggestions and have been having Natural Plain Yogurt with Cinnamon. I’d love to tell you this helps but it doesn’t yet, I could still inhale a 250g bar of chocolate. I’ve also tried snacking on nuts which are high in fats and suggested by Sarah again they aren’t really helping.

But onwards to Week 2 …


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