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Hundred Acre Farm Grows Once More… 

3 Aug

Meet Red. 


Red has been a ‘stray’ for a year now. We have his story by hear say and it goes as follows … 

His original family moved to New Zealand and it was agreed that he moved in with the house next door. 

The house next door moved a year ago and Red would not go with them, apparently he proved allusive shall we say when it came to moving. 

We have known this little character since we moved in to our house 4 years ago. Our kittens and him have been the originals in the neighbourhood. 

Lately we have seen him wandering and looking a little lost. We got speaking to the new lady who moved into Red’s house about him and this is how we found out about him. 

This lady was feeding him and the owners apparently were trying to still get him, we tried to help but Red comes and goes as he pleases as apparently he was always an out door cat.

A year on and we presumed the lady had just adopted Red .. Until he got scruffier & scruffier and his coat matted we started to get concerned and realised it really was some time now since the family moved. 

Then one night Red was out side our back gate crying and we took this opportunity to feed him and get to know him. 

It turns out Red has not been adopted and no one comes to feed him anymore. He has a fully matted coat, an eye infection & hosts a whole commune of fleas – that was from just looking at him with no examination. 

 WELCOME To the Farm Red …. 

Needless to say we then started to build our friendship with Red which didn’t take long. Strangely the once ‘Feral’ cat is extremely friendly and social. 

Once trust was gained Red was taken to the vets and treated with the help of the Vets & RSPCA. We did not want to steel someone’s beloved pet – but I will leave it to your view on whether this is how you treat a beloved pet, hence the envolvement of the RSPCA. 

Red was chipped but all his contact details were not activated. The Vets & The RSPCA decided this was a Wellfare case and that Reds condition was one where he should be rehomed. 

At this point Mr S made the choice that Red was to stay with us. 

Red was an Angel at the vets it took 10 hours to shave him and he tolerated it without being anaesthetized; something the vets were amazed at. He has sores and an eye infection. There is a slight heart murmur but at 12 years old Red is a fighter. 


It’s been very hard to get a picture of our little shaved lion I finally caught him sitting still sleeping. 

It’s been wonderful and heartbreaking seeing him in the house. Red has been acting just like a kitten. He was unsure of carpet under his feet and is just getting used to soft furnishings. 

I’m sure you will see lots of this character on my Instagram feed as he gets better and fits In with #HafLife. 


Catching Up

21 May

There has been a lack of blogging around here recently. Things have been a bit sporadic and intermittent.

For one I’ve been busy but also the WordPress app keeps loosing things I write when I update- grrr (it’s just done it again even though I’ve previewed the updated post!)

The positive side is though I’ve been a bit quiet with blogging, I’ve been doing little bits and bobs at home. Getting on despite picking up yet another blinking bug last week.

So another brief recap blog and then hopefully I will get back into the swing of things.


Tuesday I recovered from going out on Monday.
Painted my toes to match my hands.

Sewed the lining back into the sewing basket mentioned in my other posts.




It also gave me a chance to check out a few new blogs and odds and ends I’ve been interested in.

Read my Homemaker & Mollie Makes magazines cover to cover in between small chores.


I brought the last couple but I’ve now subscribed to Homemaker magazine & Mollie Makes which I’ve wanted to do for a while but thought it an extravagance, it still is but Im trying to give myself a little oomph back at the moment.

If your a crafter of general origins these 2 magazines cover a wide range of makes rather than one particular craft, plus have useful reviews etc.
Check them out if you haven’t already, their websites have nice crafty blogs too.

Then something I’ve come across on some blogs recently: Crafty Creatives and I’ve taken the plunge and signed up.
The concept is each month you receive a box of crafty goodies with a theme. With these goodies you receive you can craft your own ideas, follow some of the online suggestions and follow others in the make and do’s.
The last box 11 was Glamour for May.

I think it’s a great idea to try new crafts something mini each month. Especially as I am a habitual multi crafter.


Mr S had an early start and we were all up early. I managed to sneak a couple more hours in bed before getting up and taking the Parrot Cat to the vets for a weight & post op check.

The Parrot Cat is fine and nicely gaining weight though still grounded for a while let those pesky hormones of his calm down.


The dog couldn’t quite work out how to get down the stairs in this picture as he didn’t want to tread on the cat so he resorted to giving me his paw to indicate he would like me to stop taking photos & help.


I had a quick cuppa and some internet time. Before heading off to drop The Dog at the in-laws and pop into town.

I was naughty in town when getting Mr S’s brother-in-laws jokey birthday pressie, a few other things slipped into my basket as well.

In Marks & Spencer’s picking up the essentials, this tin of biscuits proved ESSENTIAL. Disregarding non gf biscuits. But love the tin!


*Teapot Island
*The Pineapple House *Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch

Now if your imagination is like mine Do Not click the links below because curiosity really did kill the cat and the reality of some of these are not as good as the images in my head.

Tea Pot Island; I had a “Willy Wonker” meets “Alice in Wonderland” esk island whose owner was Hesten Blumenthal in my head.
Giant dunking biscuits and a stream of tea … With a White Rabbit running late and Mad Hatter tea parties.
All hosted by The Mad Hatter, the ultimate marmite chef; Hesten Blumenthal (I happen to Love both Heston & Marmite).

Pineapple House;
Queue song … ” who lives in a pineapple under the sea ”
Who could not think of Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch – I’ve been there!


I also brought a wooden box container for storing loose bottles in the kitchen. I think it was meant to be a plant pot holder but its perfect to tidy up the loose bottles behind the chair and was much cheaper than the bottle boxes I’ve had my eye; the blue goes nicely.


Another jar for more pebbles & shells.


This bright gorgeous plate which I intend for the craft room.



And I think that was it apart from Mr S’s brother-in-laws pressie.

The explanation is that S likes nails according to his daughters, who oh so sweetly giggling about it.
He is a maker doer and does have one of those sheds full of hundreds of oddments and nails and everything you could ever need etc, so as a jokey gift we have brought him more nails & screws.


I’ve put them in the traditional style jam jar to mimic those found in your Grandfathers shed and Mr S came up with the idea of trying to stripe them in layers like coloured sand. (His turning crafty)
We had issues with this though as they kept falling through and blending. But this is the finished product.


Wednesday night was my first night back at my pottery class, my items have been fired so are ready for glazing, though someone had glazed a piece for me before I was ready.
So my little soap dish should have had a different body of colour with its oxide glaze.


This piece was meant to be shades of blue on the main body but the the slip obviously wasn’t what the bottle said, it is extremely light blue. Next it needs its glass adding to give the watery effect in the main body, then a glaze to make it all shiny and finished. The glaze will also change the slip colour a bit.


This is my next piece …


Under this bag is a Lilly pad and Lilly Flower bowl to match the froggie one, I’m going to use them as a serving set there are a few more pieces I want to do to make a complete set.


I plodded with washing and chores.
Read another Mollie Makes


I have an idea for these freebie buttons – but I need to finish up some other outstanding makes first!

Thursday Evening I got an email from a lady who runs the local Clandestine Cake Club.
I had previously contacted her about joining the meet but the next venue/group was full so I was put on a waiting list and completely forgot about it this month. Until Thursday evening I got a message saying there was now a space would I like it – YES!
So this left me planning what one should bake!
The theme was celebration/birthday cakes for the 1st Birthday.

Friday I baked & did my decoration for my cake.


Was my first Clandestine Cake Club meet.

You can see how I got on and what I came up with in my next post.

Here is a sneak peak…


I had a great time, but the night before it looked like an icing sugar bomb had exploded in the kitchen and I was having technical issues with the oven.


Was a lazy day. I did some paper work drunk lots of tea.

Then Mr S and I did some of the garden. This has left me a little worse for ware.

However the bunnies had a great time munching at the unmown lawn with dandelions galore. Our boy bun though is still a house bunny at heart and after a while he snuck in to cool off in his favourite spot on the kitchen floor.


Phew and that is the end of this catch up.


This * That * The Other

13 May

Its Monday once again people, I am hoping all had a wonderful weekend but for those who may not have, as life is like that, remember always look for the good in every day how ever hard it seems.

Over the weekend Mr S & I didn’t do a lot, I had a lot of ‘plans’ but nothing really got off the ground.

Friday I had been to the hospital for some blood tests and seen my Mother & Grandparents which was nice. The Dog loves a family outing.

Saturday was a duvet day. I unpacked some bits I had brought back with me Friday. One of which being a sewing basket given to me by my Grandmother.


This sewing basket has bits and bobs from my Grandmother, mostly my Great Great Aunt and my Great Great Great Grandmother.



It was interesting opening the little tins and discovering what was inside. Mostly buttons, but I like buttons, I have a teapot full of buttons.





Wooden sewing thread reals. Pre-Decimalisation monetary values marked on packs of binding, needles and such like, novel to me being a Post-Decimalisation child.


The basket it’s self is a little flimsy and the fabric needed a wash.
So carefully I unpicked it hand washed and ironed it it ready to be sewn back in and used for another generation to add to it.
I didn’t want to replace the fabric yet I like the blue gingham, plus I didn’t want to loose that part of its history.

Sunday Mr S had studying to do and I tidied and prepared for the week ahead ironing shirts and such like.

Afterwards we sat down and I finished my crochet granny squares practice piece.




Which I was quite chuffed about and has spurred me on to finishing my WIP blanket which I have shown you in past posts.

In a Random subject change:

Our Dog; The Dog is a rescue and on Sunday evening I made the mistake of looking at the website of the place we got him from Norfolk & Suffolk Boxer Rescue. .

I REALLY REALLY shouldn’t look!
I’m a sucker Mr S is a sucker we know this, it is how one Saturday we ended up taking the plunge and went from one day we will have a dog to looking at dogs and the next weekend owning one!

Currently on there is a 6month old little boy & 3 1/2 year old little girl.
Though the little boy caught my eye, I am sure he will find a good home quickly ppl like young puppies. But it’s the 3 1/2 year old little girl… I really have had to have a we can’t discussion with myself and Mr S. As age and personality wise she would be perfect, when we got The Dog we always had full intentions of getting a pair male & female.
There is just something niggling at me, there are lots of dogs that crop up but there is just something about her.
Any way NO!!

Monday came around again.


A caramel hot chocolate with cream and caramel drizzle was in order before I had a nail appointment, thankfully. My nails were in a bit of a state and due a pamper.
I’ve got fat hands with funny knuckles in my eyes and I hate having terrible nails as I feel they draw attention to them.


I am a red polish kinda gal normally but today I went for a pink with a purplish hue.
I brought some L’oreal (503 Addictive Plum) nail varnish which was the closet match to my nail varnish to paint my tootsies with tomorrow.

Afterwards I popped to stock up on pet food which seems to always be on our shopping list.
Then L meet me for coffee and we had a look around some shops.

I picked up bargains in Dunelm Mill a fux fur throw reduced from £40 to £10, the cats love faux fur.


It co-ordinates with The Parrot Cat very well.


Curtains reduced from £70 to £8.25 for a temporary fix in the lounge; it currently looks like we live in a squat with an old duvet cover over the broken blinds. Got to love our pets luckily they have now all grown out of the destruction phase.
A little job for papa when the parents next stay.


L & I couldn’t resist a quick look in Hobbycraft they have just got in a favourite of ours Smash Pad.
I brought some Smash Pad quotation notelets, discounted yellow ribbon and some multi coloured card. I intend to start my recipe cards I posted about a while back on the card. I’m just on the look out for a suitable receptacle for the recipe cards now.


I picked up a copy of Mollie Makes and last months Homemaker magazine to peruse while I’m painting my tootsies and having a tea break tomorrow.


Now Time for bed me thinks as its been a long day.


If I had a Brain I would be Dangerous…

8 May

Lately I’ve had nothing but cotton wool between my ears!

You might recall me telling you I have misplaced the purple yarn I brought for my pebble project, then over the weekend I put a cheque in the bin by mistake luckily this one I tracked down before it was too late. Well today the latest has been loosing the car key.

Our house isn’t even a house that is untidy, Im the type of person who is C.D.O (the correct order for what they call O.C.D). I have places for things and I am the person who knows where everything is.

It’s a boring story of how I got distracted to loose the key involving a naughty dog.

I looked in every possible place for this key or so I thought!
Then Mr S found it in 10minutes tonight in my Ugg Boot by the door.
*sigh* I’m just glad it’s found.
I will add I wasn’t even wearing my Uggs today.

My stupid fuzzy brain though is really getting to me again of late.


‘The Parrot’ cat went to the vets today for an operation to remove his ‘crown jewels’ bless him.
All went ok, though the vets commented on him still being very skinny after his vanishing act, we are working on feeding him up.
As you can see his fine though and has resumed his normal activities.


At lunch another parcel arrived.
Parcels are not only exciting for me but for the dog.

He loves a visitor, just visitors aren’t quiet as sure about him a lunging 6stone plus of muscle Boxer, being held back causes some great expressions on people’s faces.

I can understand their worry but unless your about to harm his Family your safe. Dogs have good senses about people. Our boy loves his family they are a terribly loyal breed.
You should see him round the nieces up if they stray to far.

Anyway the parcel…



This time it was from Doves Farm.
As a coeliac I have tried various gluten free pasta’s but by far my most favourite for taste and cooking is Doves Farm. I can only seem to get the Macaroni & Ditalini online from their website so I stocked up and treated myself to some Fig cookies too.


The little envelope was another treat from Baker and Maker , a slightly smaller snowflake cutter.


Then this evening I had an evening out crocheting.

At the weekend I spied on twitter a last class space on The Sheep Shop’s Granny Square Crochet class so I leapt in.
The next project I’ve been discussing is a granny square blanket and I thought I would spare L’s patience this time and join the class.
(Though I have told L I may still be calling on her expertise)

I had a great evening and Joanne was a fantastic and patient teacher.

And Look what I managed!
After some undoing and redoing and undoing and redoing.


I’m looking forward to continuing using the joining technics and edging technics Joanne taught us.

I can highly recommend Joanne’s class & teaching style, she is most adaptable to everyones way of learning and pace.

I’m hoping to do more classes at The Sheep Shop in the near future.
I have my eye on a Knitting Course & a Felting course.

Unfortunately I have not had a chance to Window Shop today but no fear next week It shall be back.

Now time for bed.



The Wander Returns

29 Apr

Well I was writing my blog post to catch up on the weekends goings on as I didn’t get chance to post this weekend.

When Mr S Shouted from down stairs, I hurried down stairs not knowing what had happened but hearing the urgent tone in his voice.

There in Mr S’s arms is our beloved Parrot cat missing 10days now returned home!

His hungry and so skinny. Grubby and fragile but his in one piece!

We are so lucky so so lucky, many owners aren’t as fortunate as this.

Now his Grounded ! For a bit anyway and receiving lots of TLC.


During the time he has been missing many animal charities have helped us so much and provided a great service.

The Blue Cross
The UK Missing Pets Register

And there were many many more who have helped us in our local area I just can’t think at the moment.

But there truly are some kind lovely people out there with such kind hearts.

Thank you to all in the Local Community.

And if you have lost your kitty cat give them a call they offer some great advice and support.

Now I’m off to snuggle my Parrot Cat.

I will finish the post I was writing tomorrow along with my second month of CPSH. Who can believe a month has past already.



19 Apr

My hearts breaking my poor Parrot Cat has gone missing…


We have looked high and low.
Please be safe my handsome little man.



I miss him and his funny ways so much. The way he looks at me with such love in those little amber eyes.

Please Please Come Home.


Calling All Feline Loving Friends

15 Mar



Calling all feline loving friends…

Does any one know of a cat GPS or tracking device that doesn’t require the cat to have a 20week work out plan to beef up before they can wear it.

The ones on the market we can find UK and USA all say they are aimed at cats but any cat owner will tell you unless you have a Tiger! they are all huge still!

We have the mystery of lots of missing cats locally recently and our own Princess has been injured 3 times.
So we would just like to see where our little loved fur balls are going and keep an eye on if only to know where to start looking if they are injured somewhere.

Any ideas much appreciated.





We are still looking for a suitable tracker, but this is looking promising from gpaws pets it says its small enough for a cat so just waiting to see – its just GPS though its not a tracker. GPAWS GPS

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