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Happy Wedding Anniversary To Us 

23 Jul

1 year ago this month Mr S & I got married. 


The first year gift for marriage is paper and we received lots of lovely cards to keep to remember the occasion, but my gift to Mr S/Us was something Ive loved for a while and was very fitting … 

A Paper Cut Name and Date Cutting backed on the gold we had at our wedding and with star bunting something we also had at our wedding. 


This talented work was that of Queenie Dot. I can’t recommend this lovely lady enough, she rushed through my order; as I was rather rubbish and had forgotten how close it was getting to our anniversary, the paper cutting was beautiful & she was accommodating with my personalisation requests. 


Mr S was touched with emotion and quite something he even said “oh it’s the colours and theme from our wedding as well” … Which meant a lot to me as he actually really did notice, rather than having just an “aha that’s lovely darling” moment. 

We spent a relaxing quiet Anniversary Weekend together. 

Saturday Night we had a wonderful evening in front of the fire pit with some blush bubbles, a duvet and a 6stone hot water bottle.

 We 3 slept under the stars. 


Then Sunday our New Feathery additions joined us. They settled in while we reflected on the year with some more bubbles. 

Here is to another Happy Year Together … 


Word Of The Week

26 Jul

Sunday 20th – Saturday 26th July 2014

Hello .. I am back! And so looking forward to crafting, blogging and tweeting once more!

My Word of the Week this week is Married !

Mr S & I tied the knot a week ago Saturday.


I Love being Married to Mr S!

We had a totally amazing day full of wonderful surprises and fabulous family and friends!

It was more than we could have ever dreamed of!


My Lovely Matron of Honour & Best Friend of to many years to count (and her husband) made us these spectacular cakes; a 2 tiered Lemon Cake, 5 tiered Fruit Cake and 2 tiered Chocolate Cake.


I had my Something Old; My Wedding Ring & Grandmothers Hanky, Something New; My Dress, Earrings & Bracelet, Something Borrowed; My Matron of Honour’s Beautiful Swarovski Pin, Something Blue; The Blue Charm on this Pin and a Silver Sixpence In My Shoe; well not quite but to me much better… I had two 3d coins making 6d! These were family coins passed down for the making of Christmas Puddings.

I could go on and on about the day but I will save that for a post at a later date.

It’s nice to be back with The Word of the Week, I look forward to seeing what everyone else has been up to.


The Reading Residence

Word Of The Week

11 May

5th – 11th May 2014

My word of the week this week is Weeks.

It was officially 11 weeks till our Wedding this week.

We have had a few weeks Of Aghhh moments but in general everything is nice and calm now and we are awaiting the return of the RSVPs and sorting the finer details.

So 10 Weeks to go now.


More Weeks for The Word of the Week.

It’s 5 weeks till my hen party.

18 weeks till our Florence Honeymoon.

And next week I’m looking forward to having our make-up trial.

Pop over and see more Words of the Week at Jocelyn’s blog The Reading Residence.


The Reading Residence

Word Of The Week

26 Apr

Sunday 20th – Saturday 26th April 2014

This week we had;
Easter Sunday.
Bank Holiday Monday.
Only 4 days at work for Mr S.
We finally got our Wedding Invitations a little to late with only 3months to go.
The Dog had a poorly paw AGAIN.
My Matron of Honour produced some very fancy Hens & Chicks Party Invites.
I had a meeting with the Wedding Florist.

The Dog had a fantastic walk with My Dad & Brother.


I got to see my Grandfather.
I had a facial.
I saw a friend.
I had the Dr’s and Hospital (my normal).
And went with my Mummy to see her wedding outfit; which I loved.
Oh and my Wedding Dress has arrived ready for fitting!!
I snail mailed.
I wrote a lot of envelopes!
I brought some new stationary bits and bobs.
We went to see friends L & K, walked the dog and had a cup of tea in the garden with a very muddy dog.
And tonight we finally put ribbons on the invites.

The Word of the Week for our house is Active.

The Reading Residence

Word Of The Week

4 Apr

Well Hello

This Week I’ve managed to link up with Jocelyn over at the Reading Residence.
My last few weeks posts have missed the link up even though Jocelyn has very kindly reminded me.

I really like reflecting on the week and finding a word to summarise it. I try to use it as part of my finding the “Good in Every Day” which is why over a year ago now I started my blog.

Week: 30th March – 5th April 2014

#WOW is Memories.

Our Wedding bands are our Grandparents. Which is amazing for us to have such gifts from Grandparents who are no longer with us but will be there in memory & spirt on our special day.

Mr S has his Grandfathers which fits perfectly and I have my Nanny’s wedding band which was slightly too big.

Unfortunately my Grandmother passed away in January and I have been also given her wedding band which is a wonderful memory of her and privilege.

This week I had both altered ready for our wedding day in July this year.


I’m so happy to have such meaningful rings with memories & history which will now be added to for another generation and I would like to think future generations.


The Reading Residence

Princess Bridesmaid Party

17 Mar

Sunday we had a Little Bridesmaids Princess Party for our 5 Little Bridesmaids (and a Little Brother).

Well I say ‘Princess’ we had Little Princesses turn up complete with Tiara, but I may have ended up getting distracted and theming the party Rabbit themed *I can’t help being bunny obsessed* It just happened.


The aim of the day was for the Little Bridesmaids to meet & try on their dresses.


All in all we had a Fantastic afternoon with Little Princess Bridesmaids, Mother, Mother-in-Law, Sister-in-Laws and Friends.


Dresses and Shoe’s were a hit with All.
So much so we had tears when it came to taking them off again! So I think we have truly Happy Little Girls.



Word of the Week

2 Mar

23rd February – 1st March 2014

Bridesmaids Is the word of the week this week we finally got the ‘big’ girls; The Adult bridesmaids, sorted with dresses this week.
So all 8 bridesmaids now are sorted for dresses. Another tick this week on the Wedding list.

Picture from Perfect Wedding, Issue 92, March 2014.

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