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8 Jan

Happy New Year! 

Ive been sporadically writing my blog now for 3years and through a combination of my blog/twitter/IG Ive developed some great new hobbies such as Pottery and Snailmail letter writing and developed some wonderful friendships and acquaintances. 

As Ive said before I never started with the intension of taking my blog anywhere or aiming at a set audience. I started it for my own personal development and remembering the good in everyday and for this it has really helped – it’s also why I dip in and out of my blog rather than post regularly. 

Ive realised that I’ve not blogged since the summer 2015 and so I will start with a quick catch up on the later part of the year here in the HAF household. 


August was a fab month once more at the allotment. 

For the whole summer the allotment fed us handsomely and we had an amazingly successful 1st growing season. 

My permaculture allotment idea of having the Ducks there didnt come to fuition as apparently Ducks don’t class as Poultry at our allotment infact only Chickens do. So the Ducks are now perminantly a garden fixture much to the distress of the garden. 

The Ducks are amazing though and so cheeky and friendly. Quacking for attention and eating from our hands. They love nothing more than being with you. 

I managed to fit in a new Pilates class and a Yoga class over the summer which I’ve greatly enjoyed. Yoga I’ve done for many a year on and off now but this was the first time I had done Pilates and I’ve loved it! Just the right toning work out I’ve been looking for. 


Mr S, Buster and I were lucky enough to disappear for 3 weeks traveling and camping in France. 

We caught the ferry from Dover to Calasis and travelled down through the Champagne region to the south through Dijon and Lyon we stopped in the Ardeche on the Ceze for a glorious week of sunshine before traveling through the Sunflower and Lavender fields (unfortunately not in season) to Chamonix where we saw a friend of Mr S and dreamed once again of living in France. 

We finished our journey back across the country through the Wine regions and stopped in Versailles before returning home. 

Buster adored his holiday with us and the freedom he got in France we would love to travel again with him. 


As you do on holiday you talk about your day to day life, dreams and aspirations… And on my return I decided it was time to look at getting a little job; as most know I look after our home and have not worked for about 4years now, it was a choice Mr S and I have been lucky to have based also on my health etc. 

Anyway I started a job search. I started locally and in what I’ve known best for years which is often available to part time – Dispensing/Pharmacy Technician. 

I dragged my heels so much and felt myself feeling sick with the thought of it again – I love the work I just wasn’t in a good place with my health when I left being a Pharmacy Tech for University and really wasn’t enjoying reliving those feelings. 

As if by magic an answer appeared my PERFECT job ! Animal Nursing Assistant part time, evening work which fitted with Buster care, 5 minutes from home, good pay and something I really got excited about. 

I got very nervous before the interview and then doubted wanting to work, I mean who wants to give up total freedom for the world of work… Long and the short I got the job and started my training  in November!! I enjoyed every moment of it and finally felt I have found my career in life. 

The allotment continue to flourish giving wonderful Autumn Harvest. 

And our Giant Pumpkin planted by niece R back in March, although not Giant was a good carving size. 

The girls came over for an official harvesting session. 


I started my training at the beginning of November for my new Job and was extremely excited. 

I continued with my pottery when the term recommenced for the Autumn and once again throughly enjoying this crafty outlet.   

But we were about to get a surprise in November and with this I will finish my 2015 round up in another blog post. 



Hello June 

25 Jun

Hello Hello 

Despite my New Year best intentions my blogging has been slow. 

My poor blog has taken the brunt of lots of aspects of #HAFLife. 

So let’s have a catch up!


The beginning of February saw Mr S’s Father’s 70th birthday celebrations. 

Friday 13th was lucky for us as we got our fantastic Allotment Plot 11A and the clearing & planning started. #HAFLottie

At the end of the month we had my friends book themed baby shower. 


My friend had her gorgeous little baby boy, he is a total heartbreaker. I adore him. 

The Allotment saw lots of progress. We cleared all the weeds, redesigned the beds, built a fence, sorted all the rubbish and generally tidied the plot. 

It also saw the start of our growing trials and trepidations. The learning curve began. 

We struggled with space and light starting off our seedlings which resulted in leggy unsavalvageable plants which we had to replant. Along the way we have learnt lots of lessons for next year. 

It was the middle Nieces birthday so we had a little party day for her at ours as she loves the animals. R also planted 3 Giant Pumpkin Seeds 1 for her and each of her sisters. 


A Birthday month.. We have lots of family birthdays in April including my own.

For my own we had a lovely day out in Dedham & Flatford with The Dog in toe, having a wonderful Cream Tea at La Maison Talbooth with good enough weather to sit outside. 

Another April Birthday is my Great Aunt, she was 90 this year. We had a lovely family celebration and I turned my hand to some flower arranging. 


We saw May in with May Day Celebrations at Kentwell Hall enjoying traditional Tudor May Merry Making!! 

It also saw the first of our allotment Harvest! with the Rhubarb which we enjoyed not only stewed but in the marvelous discovery of ‘Rhubarb Champagne’.

The #HAFLottie started to get exciting too as the fruit bushes came to life and we started to plant our seedlings now little plug plants out. 

In more #HAFLife we had a spontaneous family date night at the drive in cinema at Alexandera Palace The Dog really was happy to be with us and he was very interested in the big people on the screen. 

Finally the Craft Room was painted and the process of reorganisation & clearing out has started.

For the second Bank Holiday my #postcircle #goose buddy aka the little grey girl knitter & blogger came to stay. It was Fab as always to catch up with her and we popped along to the Cambridge Beer Festival. 

On the Sunday we had a day “mucking about on the river” with my Brother, His Girlfriend & of course Our Bestest Boy! 

And to finish off the month Our Nieces popped over and we planted their Giant Pumpkin Plants; started off in March.


Mr S took a week off and we had an Ikea trip for *squeel* craft room furniture & organisation. Followed by 5 days away; 1 in The Lake District & 4 in Kirkcudbright, Scotland. 


The Sunshine and Showers have been miserable for me but GREAT for the garden & #HAF Lottie (minus the stupidly high winds). 

The #HAFLottie is really coming to life everything is now in with some successes and some less so, but we will see as time goes on. 

We have had spinach and strawberries this month, with the peas, gooseberries, redcurrant’s & blackcurrants not far behind. 

In 2 weeks we have had 6kg of Strawberries which is making us very popular with family. 


And some how we find ourselves at the end of June the longest day past and still no sign of the summer sun staying. 

I’ve not been crafting much although I’m really into my porcelain pottery at the moment. Im just finding my feet with it and can’t wait each week for my class. 


My time consuming passion this year has been the #HAFLottie which I look forward to sharing its seasonal progression. 

I’m still 4 weekly menu planning using my Filofax and we are now on the start of the Summer Menus. This has been one of the best changes, most time effective and money saving, I can’t recommend it enough. 

I haven’t been as active within the social media side of life but there is deffinatly lots of #HAFLife going on @HundredAcreFarm. 


I do miss catching up with you all! I mostly can be caught hanging around on Instagram these days; Serotiny_Haf So I hope to see you there… 

Let’s not leave it another 6 months. 



Learning New Crafts

31 Jul

Each week seems to come round so quickly. In fact how on earth did it get to the end of July already?

I have been lucky enough this year to be able to have the time to follow my crafty passions and develop my homemaking skills – this is how I sell sitting enjoying crafting lots.

As part of this I enrolled last year on a pottery course which Ive continued with.


and In June I took part in a crochet granny square class at The Sheep Shop in Cambridge.


One thing I’m not, is a specific crafter- Jack Jill in this case of all trades master of none.
I do it for the fun & social enjoyment as much as the final ‘tadah’ moment (not that there has been much of that round here lately in the way of crochet projects).

Part of this enjoyment is often crafting with others; L, E & Myself have crafty meets here and there, with E we mainly crochet, L & I have been known to try other crafty sessions (note to L we still haven’t made soap and I have your book).

Having enjoyed learning new crafts & developing skills in a class environment, I have found myself booking onto more and more.


If you look around your local area there seems to be lots of classes popping up in lots of crafty make’y do’y things and not just at your local night schools.

I’ve picked the 3 places I currently have booked classes with.
I choose my classes on my interests and what I would like to learn. But it turns out I’ve also meet really lovely people while doing so.

My First was The Sheep Shop in Cambridge.

The Sheep Shop hosts numerous knitting, crochet & felting classes catering for all abilities and interests.

For Example;
Beginners Knitting – Lace Knitting. Beginners Crochet – Cable Crochet.

I’ve thus far had my Granny Squares Crochet class here, with a Fabulous teacher Joanne of Not So Granny and a Beginners Knitting class with Sarah of The Sheep Shop.


I choose to make slightly longer hand warmers for my beginners knitting class which has left me needing just more than my one ball of yarn, so I need to pop back and get another ball when I’m next in town before I can finish them.

Having caught the ‘bug’ I have booked up on several more knitting/crochet courses until Christmas as I really want to hone up on my knitting especially hence going back to real basics.

A Few Extra Points:

* The parking in the evening is much easier than I first thought and worried about for the centre ish of Cambridge and silly permit parking. But after 6 you are fine there.

* Each class was a nice size of 6.

* The ladies teaching us are very good at showing and explaining in a way that you will understand.

* We got handy information print outs that we could make notes on, which I have actually made use of rather than just ‘filing’.

* You can buy the kits you need for the class on the night if your unsure.

My Second class find was Nicola at Halfpenny Home.
To summarise the first time of meeting Nicola; I went in to pay for my class & left an hour plus later after a great chat; which felt like she was an old friend, & over a glass of pimms.


Nicola has the Halfpenny Home Haberdashery shop in Needham Market, Suffolk.

Mr S, Myself & The Dog were AMAZED at the shop.
Needham Market is a quaint Suffolk village. Adding to its mystery follow the signs to Halfpenny Home located down a small path in a ‘barn’, It’s a delightful mixture of the much coveted vintage and the new.

Halfpenny Home Haberdashery offers a variety of crafty classes. From ‘Yarn’ie’ interests such as Knitting, Natural Fibre Dying & Fleece Preparation to Soap Making, Needle Felting & Rag Doll Making to name but a few and if it’s not on the list contact Nicola she might have a course lined up for future.

My first class was “Rocks with Frocks” ~ great title isn’t it!
Crocheting around items such as pebbles.

You may remember my own first attempt at this ended in a hat rather than frock for my pebble.

I had a wonderful relaxed Saturday afternoon with Nicola and 3 others crocheting our pebbles. The time just flew by.
Accompanied by plenty of homemade cake, tea & chatter.

Oh yes and doing what I went there for Tadah…


My next class at Halfpenny Home was Vintage Bag Making.

*AGES* ago I brought a rather pretty vintage looking bag for its frame with the intention of giving it a re-vamp and that was 2 years ago. A few weekends ago I found it once again and was spurred on to find out how – queue Vintage Bag Making.

Once again I had a lovely time, over came some of my sewing machine fears with an always calm Nicola, learnt lots of little sewing tips and have a fantastic bag which is lined and trimmed I will have you know!



Did I mention cake again…Orange Polenta cake with Rosemary Drizzle.


A Few Extra Points:

* Nicola in a previous life work with Fabrics in Upholstery and Furnishings (I hope I’ve got that right). She is an accomplished seamstress so excellent at passing on handy tips & knowledge.

* Halfpenny Home Classes are inclusive of materials. No hidden extras. But if you want to purchase more you can. In fact try and resist visiting Halfpenny Home Haberdashery and not making a purchase.

* There is plenty of Free parking around the shop.

* The Classes I attended came with again useful handouts.

* Classes are very relaxed & friendly making learning much easier.

My 3rd class choice has been Betty Makes . A new growing venture by the delightful Jean-Mary.

You can read all about the classes that have taken place on the Betty Makes Blog .

Jean-Mary’s studio has a light airy feel and has the advantage of being the closest of the 3 to us.

*Ive borrowed this Photo From BettyMakes Blog where you can see the studio in its full glory.

The first class I got to was Lino Printing on Cards One Sunny Sunday.

Arriving late I eventually caught up.
We all spent hours of therapeutic concentrating & chatting carving out our designs in the Lino. Before stopping for a pleasant catered lunch.
After lunch was the telling moment had our Lino Carvings been successful?


As you can see I choose a tea related design need you ask. You can see what the other ladies did over on Betty Makes Blog .

This class was a real enjoyable learning curve and I’ve caught the Lino Printing Bug too now. My prints were a bit rustic looking due to my paint application mainly but actually though unintentional I like it.

I’ve since framed my clearest card which is now proudly on display in the kitchen.


I can’t wait for my next class on Sunday at Betty Makes; Needle Felting with teacher Jenny Tidman (who teaches needle & wet felting at Betty Makes & Halfpenny Home Haberdashery)

I am taking my 14 year old cousin. Who thinks her needle felted critter will top my attempt – we will see – So watch this space for what we produce.

A Few Extra Points:

* There are not only weekday classes at Betty Makes but weekend classes too.

* Betty Makes has a wide selection of classes. For Example Crochet, Sewing & Lino Printing. Take a Look.

* Most Classes include your equipment. You also have the choice of buying certain class kits at a reasonable price to take away with you.

* Jean-Mary is CRB checked, she works with children & is an Integrative Counsellor. Oh & She’s a Mum.
What does this mean… Children’s Craft Party’s!

* Easy close parking.

I know this has been a long post but I wanted to show you all the classes at once. I can’t express how much fun craft classes are if your that way inclined and Great for making new friends.
All 3 also do knitting or craft nights as well so even if you don’t want to do a class you can pop in make new friends and take your latest project.

Do Look These Ladies Up or check out your own local classes.

Happy Crafting


Current Craftiness

13 Jul

Over the past week I’ve had some time to play with last months Crafty Creatives Box 12 (you can view CCBox12 full contents in a previous post) and thought I would show you my makes.

This months kit was cross stitch, I loved crossed stitch when I was younger so this was a welcome reminiscent craft.


There were 4 pattens to choose from and I chose the cupcake, but added my own touches. I added a 3rd colour; pink, a border, some beads & a heart topper. I really enjoyed doing it and it’s now joined the ‘tea corner’ in the kitchen.

My other Crafty Creatives Box 12 make was from the polymer clay cake slice charms.

I brought some clasps and connecting hoops and *heypresto*


Cake Slice Stitch Markers.

Last week was my last Pottery session of the term.
I finished my little house off at home before hand so It would be fired over the holidays.


In class I’ve wrapped up a few projects, glazing and embellishing which hopefully will be fired and ready to collect soon.

I’ve also been trying to improve my knitting skills and in doing so thought I would start again from basics.
A few weeks ago now Sarah at The Sheep Shop ran a beginners knitting class which I attended and though I could already knit found it very helpful to learn cast on methods and various other little bits.


We started handwarmers which I’ve been continuing with I’ve finished one but I’ve dropped a stitch on the other – and this is why I’m going back to learning!

Though fixing mistakes isn’t one of Sarah’s classes I’ve signed upto yet!

Also a Crochet WIP I have going at the moment is a baby blanket for my Sister-in-Law whose baby is due in November.


I have a soft spot for these little granny squares. We do not yet know whether she is having a little boy or girl but I’m intending on crocheting enough blue, green and eventually pink squares so that when we do know I can make a blanket out of what ever is colour appropriate.

My final crafty project this week has been a new notice board.
I purchased some of Miss Beatrix beautiful hand painted buttons a couple of weeks ago and wanted to find a good way to display them along with my Lupin Handmade Brooch.


So today I set to making a notice board to display a few select bits on in my craft room.


I covered an A4 flat artist canvas in spotty blue material and made some bunting. Before arranging & sewing on the buttons and attaching the primrose brooch.
Finally I attached a ‘washing line’ across the board to allow me to added other favourite bits.


Thus far I’ve added a #postcircle #goose sticker I received today on a lovely #postcircle letter, to my notice board ‘washing line’.

I can’t wait to add more! I will keep you updated.


Window Shopping Wednesday 1

13 Mar

After an appalling nights sleep well there was no night time sleep about it, possibly an hour if that before the dog woke me up needing to go out, followed by I’m so loanly cry’s.

From 2-4am I was awake on the sofa with 2 kittens and The Dog.
Parrot Cat wrapped round my head, The Princess snuggled right up under my chin and The Dog as close to her as he could get and though there was no chance of sleeping like this it made me smile as we have been waiting weeks for moments like this with all the pets in harmony.

At some points we wondered if it would ever happen. We had reached a bit of a plateau with The Dog and Kittens establishing their boundaries and limits but this last week further developments have been made.

Kisses have been exchanged, The Princess has been making the effort to play with The Dog and The Parrot Cat has been eating out of the same bowl at the same time as The Dog.

To be fair the problem hasn’t really been The Dogs fault more they were speaking in different languages at first and now each has learnt a bit of ‘pigeon dog’ and ‘pigeon cat’ and things are progressing nicely. The Dog bless him has always been good with the Cats his just a little unpredictable for them.

This picture was taken the other day of them cleaning out the left overs


So back to bed I went at 4am with a cup of tea and managed to grab some Zzzz’s and wish Mr S a good day at work in my sleep.

But come 6am all pets were hungry and needed their breakfast so I obliged did my chores and then went to get a little more sleep.

When I woke up the day was not as I expected.



We had lots of lovely sunshine. So I sat doing my normal Wednesday Virtual Window Shopping enjoying the rays in the kitchen.

Today as well as home inspiration I got pottery inspiration.

I thought these ceramic butterflies from Retro Villa are sweet and could be used for home or gift decoration.


And also the same goes for these ceramic letters


Then I facing some more ironing. As I was ironing there was a tremendous noise and we were having a hail storm! Sun still shining.


The cloud formations were amazing afterwards unfortunately all I had was my phone camera as the proper camera had given up the ghost – time to replace. I could have snapped away all day with a proper camera. This picture doesn’t do it justice.


Mr S said that in the city once again they were having proper snow.

It’s Wednesday so Pottery tonight so this is where I leave you.


Wash Day Tuesdays The New Monday

12 Mar

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold; when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”
Charles Dickens – Great Expectations

And hasn’t it just been like that here today.



The poor bunnies bottles were frozen this morning.
And the daffodils outside had keeled over retracting with cold. But yet the sun has been shinning, the sky blue, and the clouds white & fluffy.


I woke up still fighting with this virus thing. So had to cancelling meeting L for Coffee & Shopping I am rather disappointed at that. (I have cake saved with your name on L)

My box of tissues and I have spent the day mostly answering the door to the postpeoples.
As my books arrived and so did the cutlery trays.


I did the basic tidying chores but after that I got back under the warm duvet with a cup or 3 of tea and my books till I got up at Lunch time.

My New Books ~

As my treat for World Book Day you may remember I ordered 4 books one of which arrived Saturday and the other 3 today…


Tales of Greek Heroes By Roger Green, the second of my Greek Mythology books to arrive. Not only has a great hardback cover which will go with my growing ‘pretty’ book collection, but has a good content too.

Obviously aimed at the younger reader, the print is larger than your average adult read, though I wasn’t expecting anything other as this is clearly a child’s book. One good thing about the larger print makes it feel like you have accomplished reading lots in one morning.


The book has not only got the Tales of Greek Mythology but also some good subsequent text including A Glossary, Whose Who and Further Learning Projects.
Im still perplexed at why I have very little knowledge of this topic, it seems everybody did this at school excluding me? but soon I will be able to challenge any 8 year olds knowledge!


Pottery Books ~ Yay Yay Yay

The other 2 book purchases were on pottery; my newish hobby.
I’ve wanted for a while a general book on everything pottery, I’ve looked high and low read review after review then finally took the plunge and ordered 2 and I am very pleased with my choices.


Techniques Using Slips By John Mathieson, is unsurprisingly on the use of slips in pottery. It covers the application of slips, the different techniques, designers examples and little how to guides, along with technical and firing information.
Some good inspiration, unfortunately I could be limited by the pottery class kiln and firing temperatures etc. But slip decoration does seem to be one of the main techniques we have access to the materials for, hence my purchasing this book.



The Complete Potter By Steve Mattison, I hoped would be as it said on the tin and I was again not disappointed.


From initial reading it answers topics relevant to my level of knowledge (little to none/refresher on what is known). Off the top of my head I can’t think of an area not covered, it’s got Techniques, Clay Types, Molds, Colouring, Glazing, Firing, Kiln Information the list is endless. I would recommend this for any budding evening class potter.



I’m looking forward to putting more ideas into practice.

* * * * * *

Last night I took some in progress pictures of the Kitchen/Diner for record of before and after, though the Kitchen/Diner is nearly finished.




There is a few more changes and additions which I’ve been voicing in my WSW (Window Shopping Wednesdays) and WHITE PAINT!! We have magnolia’esk walls which will do for now as things go with it, But by the end of summer ideally I would like the whole house painted.

I wonder if the next generations will cry “oh no not white” like ours does for magnolia.

We don’t want to add to many ‘staged’ impersonal items into our home, both Mr S and I like original pieces and things with meaning.
For example the red barn with little cows was a present brought for us by my Aunt & Uncle from Canada, we have pieces of slate we brought home from our first holiday together which are perfect coasters, the birdies on the window ledge we brought in Scotland at Christmas time when we were on a break with my cousin, brother and his girlfriend.




I’m also finding our bargain eBay Chair and Table set not in keeping with my room dressing. They aren’t going anywhere for now and I don’t dislike them, we like a big table for so many reasons, for one we are great believers in eating our meals together at the table. I just have to incorporate them~ I think the key is in the table mats and dressing.
I’ve been using my Great Great Aunts and Various other relatives Filet Crochet edged tablecloths & dressings and the brown leather is a bit harsh against this. I feel perhaps the introduction of glass on the table or a light drift wood and candle feature would link the two and softer place mats.



Lunch was cake; healthy as it has Apples and Blackberries in and lots of energy to face the laundry pile & ironing.
I swear I will keep on top of this chore every time and then I blink and its multiplied again to uncontrollable levels; invasively microbial like but it’s Log Phase never seeming to reach a Stationary Phase!

Mr S also took it upon him self to re-organise his wardrobe the other week. Completely randomly waffling on about his system; his system appears to be putting worn clothes back with washed clothes mixing them up and seeing if I can pick what’s what. Ive given it a few weeks trial but its really not working for the laundry lady aka moi, it adds to the dread of the task. Today I took a deep breath and faced putting it back to an organised system. Hoorah!!

And dutifully I ironed Mr S’s shirts tonight, don’t tell him but I actually quiet enjoy ironing. While doing it I listened to some podcasts and had a hissy fit at the sleeve of one particular joy to iron.

The RHS Gardening podcast the other week passed in the bed time listening stakes. It was a bit rooky’ish in some presenting aspects but matched my listening criteria regardless. So Ive downloaded the next and a few others such as BBC Radio 4 Inside Health, BBC Radio 4 Food Programme and a few other tried and tested BBC Four programmes mostly. We will see how they fair tonight.

Mr S and I caught up on a bit of our favourite TV. Before an early night called. Mr S has to be up at 3am! To fit his morning routine in before he starts work super early tomorrow *yawn*.


Window Shopping Wednesday 1

6 Mar

Today I had an appointment and was going to visit my parents but I had to cancel both due to STILL being ill. And I had to miss pottery!
I’m bored with this and I’m sure your bored of hearing.

So I’ve spent another Wednesday mostly virtual Window Shopping for the house.
I have had a rough idea of what colours and style each room will be for sometime its just a case of we are trying doing one room at a time. (I say trying as I occasionally see things for other rooms to good to pass up)
I will do a second post again on today’s finds and some I’ve had on my Pinterest for a while.

As well as virtual shopping I cut some more little birdies out, as I made a slight boo boo with the ones I did the other day when I went to join them together I realised I had cut two the same!


I also received a very boring to normal people but to me exciting, misting bottle for my pottery kit that I’m building and I labelled all my little odds and ends up with my tag. I used some nail varnish to mark each piece and sharpied it. Then I got a little carried away with decorating…


… And after The Princess and I returned to our favourite blogs and virtual shopping.


One of the things that caught my eye today unrelated to the house was a French company Georges et Rosalie they have some really cute baby bits and home bits in bright bold prints. I particularly liked the bibs and a little rabbit book cover, both good inspiration for future sewing makes.




I did do some chores today and wrote a little note & sealed a package for a friend abroad, so didn’t spend the whole day shopping
~ pinky promise ~


Window Shopping Wednesday 1

27 Feb

Today I woke up *AWAKE* at 4am so rather than stay in bed I thought I would get up and on for the day. Super efficiently ironing Mr S’s shirt with the help of the Princess Kitten ~ I always seem to have help of some furry kind. Unloading the dishwasher, putting a wash load in and then having the first cup of tea for the day.

Parrot Cat strolled in from his night time jaunts. Greeted by his sister the Princess. I Love how they miss each other. In the mornings she has been waiting by the French doors for him to come in and meows when he returns “his home his home let him in”, then they nose kiss and rub against each other when he enters.
The Princess has not been out at night for a couple of weeks she was getting attacked by another cat quiet frequently and her injuries have been getting worse so we have started to let her out in the day and just Parrot Cat at night. They miss each other dreadfully he waits every night to see if she is coming out too and she watches him through the door, it is heartbreaking, but keeping them both in is a recipe for no sleep and lots of mess in the morning as they play so much.

By this time I had a thumping head ache !
– Boo hiss –
So returned to bed for quick snuggles before Mr S got up for his morning run.

My head just got worse and worse and we had no milk for tea. I knew we were out and Mr S kindly offered to get some before work but I heroically said no no the delivery will arrive at 2pm. The longest morning EVER waiting for the food shopping to arrive.


My normal faithful Badger Balm failed and I am afraid I gave in and took paracetamol I’ve been managing to deal with a lot without anything recently but today I just felt like if I let the headache ride its self out I would be missing out on other things I really enjoy like todays sunshine and pottery tonight which would have a knock on negative affect. I think this once it did more good than harm.
My badger balm did help me get a little more sleep though. Zzzzzz

Sun ~ Sun ~ Glorious Sun!


Another blue sky just what I needed I was fast loosing my enthusiasm for Grey!

So the Rocking Chair and The Dog plonked ourselves outside with full intentions of doing something productive. (The Dog sun worships just as much as me)



Alas I got stuck on a bit of day dreaming ‘virtual window shopping’
Side tracked on Etsy…

The intense green colour of this beautiful dress ring caught my eye I do like vintage jewellery. I’m a sucker for a bit of Edwardian influence.


Then there were these brooches .
I’m desperately thinking how I can incorporate them into the kitchen pastel decor.



And this little brooch too I thought this might make a nice little curtain tie back if adapted.


What I was really looking for was a Royal Staffordshire Rosebud tea service my hearts desire and one thing which would finish our kitchen nicely.


I adore the subtleness of this pattern and the lady like elegance without being grandly over gilded.

Then the food shop arrived hurray!!
I quickly unpacked and made lunch as I was in direr need of substance and TEA!

Lunch ….. Rocket and baby leaf salad with king prawns, smoked salmon pâté and mayonnaise with pepper.


These raspberries or though shocking food miles are enough to make you hungry.


They are destined for Raspberry & White Chocolate cupcakes on Friday.

The afternoon has been consumed by more window shopping. (I will do a separate picture post of Wednesday Window Shop)

And I now have to get ready for Pottery and quickly prepare dinner.

This is what I shall be working on tonight my Iris tapas bowl set now drier I can add the outer leaves, I’m just hoping it hasn’t dried out to much.


Have a good evening.



Tuesday after Monday, before Wednesday

26 Feb

Today I got a few extra minutes in my comfy bed before the GET UP ALARM went off. – which was greatly appreciated and made a huge difference.

Once again the morning chores done.
Tea in hand I sat down to ‘This Morning’ and my pottery NEW sketch book. This was one of the goodies I brought in the city last week, (thus far apart from the new dog toy Mr S hasn’t noticed the new purchases).


I’ve been wanting a small plain paged sketch book to make a note of all my pottery ideas when inspiration strikes and now I have one, so this morning I transferred ideas from my iPhone note pad to my new little book and could finally elaborated them into images.

While finding my little book I found L’s mug that was also brought in the city last week and got left with my bits and bobs by mistake I thought I would take a picture for you L until you get it.


Doesn’t it go well with my button teapot. 🙂

So I also thought I would post my new mug and picture frame brought on the same trip. I couldn’t resist. There are still some surprises for Mr S.


I think I will pop a picture of Belle & Boo that we own in it. Which will free up a set of 3 frames I have a plan for ~ watch this space.
I adore Belle & Boo, unfortunately we already have a variation of Belle in the family so I will never have a little girl called Belle, probably for the best as I’m not sure this would be a healthy thing to do name your child so that all the things you love would go in her bedroom.


Though with or without a little Belle our house at some point will see this cushion.

There’s a lot of thought and thinking for one day there.

So realising it was half day at the post office; does anywhere else have half days on a Tuesday? I always grew up with them on a Wednesday it catches me out regularly. Normally when I’ve struggled down to the post office with huge amounts of items that needed posting ASAP any way I digress, down to the postoffice I trundle. The weather seems to be milder today which was a relief but the sky’s still grey and the sunshine of last week a distance dream, it’s like it didn’t happen.

Once home and the dog settled; you will remember he hates being left and he is too big for me to walk.

I got out my pottery stuff to start some of what I had been sketching earlier.
On my earlier post is a frog dish which is part of a tapas set and today I thought I would do a bit more of this set. So I’ve designed a Iris bowl trio one will have the Iris flower in with leaves around the edge and the other 2 just Iris leaves around the edges.



Using my Iris images I came up with a kind of hybrid Iris. These pictures aren’t the finished article I’m letting it air dry a bit so I can finish it without the petals moving to much.



When I’m at the table doing things I get to look out on my other fur babies – The bunnies. They have been extremely happy lately and it always makes me smile to see them together caring for each other they are such loving animals. First we got our boy bunny and he was so affectionate more than any bunny I had ever known, that he needed somebunny to shower his affections on who could return this love, as though I love him its some what unrequited love. So we got him a girlfriend with lots of hair as grooming is one of his favourite past times and it was love at first sight. One day I will do a pet post and tell you about them all.
But for now I managed to get them to hold still for a quick photo, it seemed to be spring cleaning for them today ~ of each other and of the cage.



And that’s pretty much baring the dinners for all the end of the day.


Solar Powered

20 Feb

I have decided today that I am solar powered, my mood took a definite dip along with my energy levels in response to the absence of the sunshine again.
It’s not to say I don’t find certain aspects of a grey day appealing (in fact grey is currently on my top decorating favourites~’pinspiration’ strikes again) but today I was sapped and found it hard to focus until after a morning of minimum chore completion and then duvet snuggling with the dog in front of the TV.


Even the goodies that arrived with the delivery man last night, that I’ve been waiting patiently for over 2 whole weeks for failed to achieve the euphoria deserved.



These little goodies are for our kitchen. I’m trying to complete one room at a time in our house and the kitchen has been the first on my list.
I found this collection online at Occa Home they are all by a company called ‘Green Gate’. We had started to gathered a lot of baby pink in the kitchen and it needed to be balanced out with more greens and blues hence my purchase (there are still 2 tea towels to follow in mint green patterns).
So after trying to place the new items; they didn’t look right where I pictured them so they will be shuffled around until satisfactory, I picked up my little birdie friend again and started to piece him together and work out how my non flying birds tail is going to work.


Just as I was getting the feel for the day I had to pop to the post office before 4pm the last post… And WOW was it cold outside today the air had a real bite to it.

On returning and being warmed by my now very awake Boxer, who dislikes being left and acts like 10 minutes is 10 days. I thought I deserved (well I had left the house in the cold) a cup of tea and a scroll through some of my favourite blogs. Before getting ready for Wednesday nights pottery class and the race to get dinner served and eaten before I leave at 6.30pm.


Pottery is a relatively new hobby and now I like it I’m starting to invest into some bits of my own to use. So last week I found some bargains in Homesense to use for my makes, the cutters were only a couple of ££ each.
Ive found I have more ideas than time in my pottery class, I just have to be careful I don’t over do it and fill the whole house with vases that look like a 5year old made them, cute if done by a 5year old not so by me.

My recent makes are works in progress (WIPs) awaiting biscuit firing before I can glaze them further – these colours are not how the final piece will be.



The frog bowl is part of a larger tapas set and the idea is to add glass to the next firing stage to give a water effect and hopefully the grey slip will be a ombré of blue and the frog and lily pad greens.


And this little piece will be a soap dish. The black is an oxide glaze so should give a metalic’esk look on the butterfly but again it needs biscuit firing before I can continue.

At pottery tonight I was chatting to a couple called Audrey & Michael who between them undertake various interesting crafts, one of which Audrey does are these lovely sikyon embroidery pieces using machine embroidery and a soldering iron to cut away excess material.
Her local group are displaying in Waterbeach in July hopefully I can pop along and see more.



The 3 Butterfly pictures above are that of work by Audrey Griffin, Fen Edge Textiles Group.

So home once more, bedtime once more.
A day that started slow but ended well.



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