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As 2016 Begins…

8 Jan

So in my last post I ended by telling you we finished 2015 with a surprise in the HAF household.

2015 saw:

One of my best friends having her baby in March.

The birth of our first Nephew in June.

Mr S and My first Year of Marriage in July. 

We had an amazing and fruitful first  year at the allotment. 

I got the garden started on its herb & medicinal plant journey. Ooo and started a Herbalist Course. 

It saw the addition of another cat to our Fur Family; Red.  

And 2 Indian Runner Ducks Korma & Tim.  

We had a fantastic holiday to France with Buster, who enjoyed all the sights and good food with us. 

I started a little job walking 2 sweet little dogs.  

I also started a part time job as an Animal Nursing Assistant.

We had our struggles and heartache as well in 2015, My Grandfather who I love so dearly has not had a good year for his health but he has got to 90! and is still fighting on.

Money as always on one income has been tight more so than in previous years mostly because Mr S went from contracting to a permanent job role which had lots of plus sides for us which is why he did it but a drop in wages. Money is not everything so this just meant adapting.

But we were ending the year in a positive direction.

November saw our surprise let me explain …

I suffer from combined autoimmune diseases; SLE Lupus and Sjorgens Syndrome, as well as Fibromyalgia and Coeliacs. So I take medication mostly these days painkillers. While I take this medication we can not try for a baby.

Mr S and I have wanted to start a family but had no success and had now with the start of my new career path put this idea on hold; we both shared the view however lovely it would be sometimes something’s just aren’t meant to be.

The Saturday before my new job began I wanted to start taking my pain medication properly to enable me to work. So as a precaution like hundreds of times previously, I bleary eyed at 4am; as this is when we get up everyday *thanks furry children* took a pregnancy test as standard so no medication mistakes happen… It was an odd reading I showed Mr S and we both agreed it was faulty so I tryed another.

Hang on maybe this ones faulty too they are the same batch and we are both tired … Queue a 6am drive to Tescos and this time Clear Blue test purchased.

To our great Suprise Shock and Joy two very clear lines presented themselves. Yes – I am Pregnant!

And this is how our year ended. I had to stop working after only one week unfortunately as my pregnancy journey began with severe morning sickness and I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, along with all the complications my health brings. I share this news with everybody with great trepidation and worry but that’s another days post.

Christmas was a bit different I couldn’t decorate a tree so we didn’t have one but we did have a lovely quiet Christmas at the in-laws and then with my family and New Year was a Turkey Curry and early night.

So that was the end of 2015.

Hopefully next year will see the healthy birth of our baby and we plan for more developments at the allotment. Mr S is diving head first into our permaculture dream.

Happy New Year from The HAF Household.



#AugustBreak2015 Day 3

3 Aug

A Month of Mindful Pleasures 

Prompted by Susannah Conway  

August 3rd: Skin 


Cleansing & Relaxing with a Hot Bath with Camomile from the garden. 


#AugustBreak2015 Day 2

2 Aug

A Month of Mindful Pleasures 

Prompted by Susannah Conway


August 2nd: Air 


Mindful Breathing. Focus & Reflection. 


1 Aug

“A Month of Mindful Pleasures” 

Prompted by Susannah Conway

There are no rules just suggestions. View Susannah’s Blog Post for her reasons behind #AugustBreak2015. 

In the mean time here is my photo for Day 1. 

August 1st: Breakfast 


Gluten Free Pancakes with Cinammon & Maple Syrup Bananas. Enjoyed in the peace of the garden. While talking about our dreams for the future. 


Word of the Week

16 Jan

Week 3: 11th – 17th January 2015

My Word of the Week this week is Persistence. 

I’m proud this week that I have Persisted with my routines & food plans as much as I can even though I’ve been struck by the winter lurgy & my illness hasn’t helped.

Not having to think about our meals has been fantastic.

image image

My time managerment and pacing is also going well. I’ve skipped things that arent important on my daily routine to try and maintain my energy levels and I’ve also said no to activities that I know will be to much at the moment and this has all proven successful in improving how I feel mentally and physically.

Once again there is good in everyday as I’ve made achievements for myself.

I look forward to getting the time this week to read more Word of the Week posts.


The Reading Residence

Meal Planning Monday: Winter Menu: Week 2

12 Jan

As I explained last week I now have weekly laminated set meal plans which I will repeat for the months November – March.

For 4 Weeks I will share my Winter Menu Plans & In March I will share my next Spring Menu Plans.

So here is Week 2.

Winter Menu Plan: Week 2


So until next week.


Meal Planning Monday: Winter Menu: Week 1

5 Jan

Over the past few months I have developed 4 weeks of meal plans.

This is to help me when I am not feeling good to keep focused and also so we can budget our food bill.

Each weeks shopping is budgeted to £20 give or take price fluctuations.



Each week has a full week of meals and on the reverse has the ingredients needed for easy shopping.

I have laminated these meal plans so that I can have them in my Filofax so they are with me at any time.

I also write these menus on a black board in the kitchen and a white board in the Craft Room. Which reminds me what is for dinner where ever I am.

I will share with you for the next 4 weeks my Winter meal plans.
Once I have completed 4 weeks I will repeat my meal plans so I won’t bore you repeating my posts. I intend to do these 4 weekly meal plans seasonally so for one we don’t get bored of the plans and secondly we will start to eat more seasonally.

My first meal plans I will use from November-March.

Week 1: Winter Meal Plan


Most but not all of the recipes are from A Girl Called Jacks Book


Although I have changed them to be gluten free and adapted some to our taste.

I would be interested in hearing anyone else’s meal planning & food budgeting ways.


#bashsad with Miss Beatrix: Day 21

21 Oct

October 21st


Lunch Outside


It Rained and It Rained and It Rained so Alex and I had Lunch inside. His settled in so nicely bless him.



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